(First blog post!)

Hello all, 

I'm glad to see Presumed Undead has been put into place, it only makes sense to :P The only character to have this so far (that I know of) is TV series Duane. That makes sense. I wouldn't know about the comics, because I haven't read them yet (sad face), but from the TV series, shouldn't Otis, Patricia and Paul also be Presumed Undead?

First, think of Hannah, she got devoured by many walkers, yet still reanimated. So you could say the same for Patricia and Otis, surely? Presumed Undead.

Paul, (one of the woodbury guards killed by Gov in 3x16), only got shot in the shoulder, surely he would've turned as well? Presumed Undead.

Well here's my contribution, please no hate :)