Before I start, I must say, *SPOILERS FOR BOTH VIDEO GAME AND COMICS* and, for those that don't know, the video game world is set in the same universe as the comic world. The TV series is NOT canon to to either and is set in its own universe. 


I was thinking, ONLY IF Clementine survives Season 2, and if they don't kill her off in any future seasons, that they could introduce Clementine into Rick's group at Alexandria as a regular character? 


The video game is currently in its 3rd year into the zombie apocalypse, roughly around the same time as 'All out War' in the comics. The comics is in roughly 5 years into the zombie apocalypse, so the game has some catching up to do before Clem could be introduced. I mean, it makes perfect sense to bring her into the comics if she doesn't die in the game, because we, as video game and comic fans, want to see Clem to her final days! 


It would also be great to see her in the comics, because of the interaction Clementine has had with already existing yet, deceased comic characters. These are Glenn and Hershel. In the game, at around Day 3 of the apocalypse, Lee and Clem go to Hershel's farm for a day. After Hershel's farm, Lee and Clem go to the Drug store, and meet a guy called Glenn, at the ends of the episode, he says he needs to find family, and later meets a man called Rick.  A couple of weeks later, Rick's group settles in and the very same farm Lee and Clem were at before, Hershel's farm.


It would actually make perfect sense for Clem to be introduced meeting Maggie, considering Hershel was Maggie's Dad, and Glenn was Maggie's wife. This would create great dialogue, like "Hey! at the start of the apocalypse, I stayed at your house, and was within 10 metres of you, and we never even knew!". Or, "Hey! My friend Duck killed your brother with a tractor!  ".


Serious now, it would work, and I hope Telltale don't kill off Clemmy, and give the rights to that character to Sir Kirkman. 


What do you think, guys/gals?


370 words.