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    Am I the only one that has noticed that every season with Scott Gimple as showrunner (4/5/6) has the EXACT same structure? I am a fan of the show and love most episodes. But this has dawned on me... I like to call them 'Gimplisms'

    Gimplism 1 - Episode 1 - Death of 1 off characters that appear again later in the show.

    Season 4- Clara Season 5- Martin Season 6- Carter

    Gimplism 2 - Episode 2/3 - Death/Apparent death of Major character/plot device.

    Season 4- Karen/David Season 5- Gareth and co Season 6- Glenn

    Gimplism 3 - Episode 5/6/7 - Bottle episodes.

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    This is a list of every episode of the show ranked by all iMDB users. 

    I mostly agree with this, it was pretty obvious before I clicked on this, that Too Far Gone would be the highest rated episode of that lot, and that Killer Within, Pretty Much Dead Already and The Grove would follow.

    But what I am really surprised about is why This Sorrowful Life and Clear are ranked as low as they are. They are #12 & #13 respectively, which I thought they would be much higher. What really pisses me off is that Seed is ranked higher than them, just goes to show 'fans' would rather see mindless zombie head explosion action than pure great drama, (with Michael Rooker and Lennie James' performances.) 

    I also knew that…

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    Before I start, I must say, *SPOILERS FOR BOTH VIDEO GAME AND COMICS* and, for those that don't know, the video game world is set in the same universe as the comic world. The TV series is NOT canon to to either and is set in its own universe. 


    I was thinking, ONLY IF Clementine survives Season 2, and if they don't kill her off in any future seasons, that they could introduce Clementine into Rick's group at Alexandria as a regular character? 


    The video game is currently in its 3rd year into the zombie apocalypse, roughly around the same time as 'All out War' in the comics. The comics is in roughly 5 years into the zombie apocalypse, so the game has some catching up to do before Clem could be introduced. I mean, it makes perfect sense to bri…

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    Hello, I was browsing Game of Thrones wikia the other day and I saw how much better the appearances layout looked than the one that is used on this site. I'm suggesting that we use the same layout for character appearances as in the Game of Thrones wiki because it does, at least in my opinion look a lot more sophisticated than the one we use here. I prefer the GoT layout more because you can see when a character didn't appear in a certain episode (marked white), whereas with TWD layout you can only see episodes they HAVE appeared in, not one's they haven't and it can look very confusing at times.  

    (Sorry about the quality of the images.) All opinions are welcome beut please do give your reasons in the comments :)

    Here's the one used on The…

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    Hello! Here are some polls to vote on, all to do with Season 4 of the show. Have fun!

    Don't forget to say what you voted for in the comments :)

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