Toymaker JAKKS Pacific is going to make a series of simple self-contained games that come packed inside a standalone controller with a pair of A/V jacks dangling from it. You know, the sort of games you buy kids when you want to see them cry at Christmas. "But I wanted an Xbox!"

The Walking Dead Deluxe TV Games have a controller shaped like a pump action shotgun and multiple levels of "Zombie adventures" aiming for a T for Teen rating and hit store shelves this fall.

Not suprisingly, based on their other games, the graphics look like they will be crap. The previous game graphics reminds me of the [[History_of_video_game_consoles_(sixth_generation)|6th generation, playstation 1 era] which started in 1998. We will see tomorrow (Tuesday, 1/9) what the actual graphics of this game are, when they show the game at a convention in Las Vegas.

Reguardless, I will probably buy it, how about you?


See the newly created article for much more details.

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