Two new video clips of 18 Miles Out (in Italian):

HUGE SPOILERS -- STOP reading now if you don't want to know the full plot of 18 Miles Out.

This is the full episode from an admin of a Walking Dead Forum who got Nebraska and Triggerfinger 100% correct. See User blog:Wikiasmikia/Complete Triggerfinger spoiler

18 Miles Out Synopsis

Episode 10: "18 Miles Out"

Episode starts with Rick, Shane and Randall (the kid captured last episode) running away from walkers in an abandoned schoolyard. After some chasing around, cue theme music.

By the way, we don't see Daryl, T-Dog, Dale, Hershel, Patricia, Glenn, Jimmy, Carol or Carl AT ALL in the entire episode. Not even kidding.

Flashback to earlier that day, Rick and Shane drive a bound and gagged Randall away from the farm (18 miles to be exact) to let him loose.

They pause briefly to have a heart-to-heart conversation about Shane fucking Lori, how Otis really died, and other shit. Rick basically tells Shane to forget about Lori and fall in line.

Meanwhile in the farm, Beth is still lying in bed, now awake, and becomes suicidal. She unsuccessfully tries to convince Maggie to kill themselves together. Andrea and Lori have a bitchfight when Andrea says that Beth should be allowed to choose whether she wants to kill herself or not.

Eventually Beth cuts her wrists but flakes out at the last moment, so the cut isn't deep. Beth lives, and Andrea is banned from the house for leaving Beth alone and allowing her to attempt suicide.

Rick and Shane arrive at the schoolyard, leave Randall there, and prepare to walk away, but Randall reveals that he and Maggie went to the same school. They realize that Randall knows the location of the farm and Shane attempts to shoot the kid.

Rick intervenes, they argue and beat the crap out of each other. Shane almost kills Rick at one point. They accidentally release walkers from the school and Shane hides in a school bus. Rick leaves him there but decides to return at the last moment. He and Randall rescue Shane and drive back to the farm, with Randall bound again. Rick says they will likely still have to kill the kid. He also tells Shane to stop being a douche (regarding Shane's attempt to kill him earlier). End episode.