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From the walled forum, Triggerfinger plot:

Episode starts as a walker is trying to reach an unconscious Lori in the crashed car. Lori regains consciousness, screams, cue theme music.

Back at the bar, a car suddenly appears as Rick and the others prepare to leave. Three guys arrive looking for their two lost friends who Rick gunned down in the previous episode. Rick, Glenn and Hershel are pinned down at the bar, so they try to shout to the newcomers that the two assholes shot first. They don’t believe that shit and a shootout ensues.

Meanwhile, Lori, who is completely uninjured, manages to kill a pair of walkers who attempt to break into the wrecked car. In the farm, everybody just now realizes that Lori is missing and Shane goes out looking for her. He finds her wandering on the road and tells her that Rick & Co. are already back in order to get her to return to the farm.

Glenn eventually makes a run for the car and Hershel covers him, shooting one of their attackers. Walkers appear and proceed to devour the wounded shooter. The remaining two decide to get the hell out of there, but one of them accidentally impales his leg on a fence when jumping off a roof. The other guy leaves him there and drives off. Rick, Glenn and Hershel manage to pry the jumper loose while fighting off walkers. Everybody gets in the car and they drive away.

Arriving at the farm, Lori discovers that Shane lied and the others aren’t really back yet. They have a private talk and Lori tells Shane to get over her. Shane obviously doesn’t. Rick returns with their captive (Randall) and everybody has a discussion about what to do with the guy. They decide to drive him a short distance away, blindfolded, and just dump him there (plot of next episode).

Also, Glenn acts all depressed back at the farm because he froze during the shootout and now believes he’s a coward. In the final scene, Lori tells Rick that Shane likely killed Otis, that he’s dangerous, and that he won’t stop unless Rick does something about it.

From the same forum poster more on the triggerfinger episode:

A picture with the caption "Lori convincing Rick to kill Shane".

Judge, Jury, Executioner episode SPOILER

Different editor posted this.

Published synopsis:
Rick sides with Shane causing Dale to worry that the group is losing its humanity; Carl's actions have unintended consequences.
Spoiler from spoil the dead:
As Dale is being eaten alive, the walker rips open his stomach and pulls out his guts before they kill it so Dales insides are hanging out.
The poor guy is in sooo much misery and pain that he asks to be put down.
Daryl is pointing that gun at Dales blood covered face, and before he pulls the trigger he says "Sorry brother". - Deadlegion

Nebraska spoiler already correct

This poster (with a different username) got the entire episode of Nebraska correct also.

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