I notice that some editors are now moving the comic book characters to a page with the parenthesis (Comic Series) and replacing the regular page with a dis-ambiguous notice.

So, for example, Shane Walsh becomes Shane Walsh (Comic Series) and the Shane Walsh page becomes this:

Walking dead amy andrea

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Shane Walsh is a character that appears in both the Comic Series and the TV series.

The edit history of this page alone shows that there has been an edit conflict about this.[1]

Lets keep the names the same as they have been for years

I think the comic pages should not have the parenthesis.

  1. I don't like to add longer titles unless absolutely needed.
  2. Disambiguation pages are necessary in some instances but ugly.
  3. Everyone who searches for Shane will type in Shane, then it will redirect to a picture of Amy and Andrea? Where as before, there was a short blurb at top of the full comic page article, :For the TV series character, see Shane Walsh (TV Series).
  4. There was no confusion about this at all, why change it now?
  5. Wikipedia has the rule that the central meaning should have its own page, with a short For the TV series character, see Shane Walsh (TV Series).
  6. There needs to be much more care in these moves. Before I fixed it, just now, Shane redirected to a unnecessary Shane Walsh (Disambiguation) page which had been deleted.[2] Rick was the same. We now have two or three pages which are like Shane Walsh (TV Series) and the rest are just the names with no parenthesis.
an alternative

An alternative is that we use tabbers on the character pages. An example of tabber is found here:


But there are many variations of this.

I would like the communities input on this.