Can someone indefinitely block User:TheWalkingDead and his sockpuppets,User:Falloutkilller177 User:WDCMC and User:Sandm4n please?

His most recent edit with his sockpuppet, he threatened me:

Hey Hey Hey, Stop fucking getting in my fucking way or else I will get a crossbow and silence you. Falloutkiller177.[1]

User:TheWalkingDead first started editing here pushing his unsubstantiated theories that Morga is in the Nebraska episode, getting the Nebraska page protected.

Since that time he has argued everywhere he can about this unsubstantiated theory.

When an anon disagreed with him, he deleted the posting.[2] which I restored.[3]

He then created a sockpuppet, User:Falloutkilller177 and started spamming editors about his theory.[4]

When I posted on his talk page that he was a sockpuppet [5] and restored the deleted posing on his talk page,[6] that is when he threatened me,[7] crossing the line from being an annoying editor, to being a blocked editor.

Per the wikia help page, Help:User access levels threats are a reason editors can get banned.[8]

Thank you.

Update another two sockpuppets found, Sandm4n and WDCMC

Thanks to Intayla, it appears that this user has several sockpuppets, including User:Sandm4n, who posted the same threory on the main talk page.[9]

In User_blog:WDCMC/Morgan_and_Duane User:TheWalkingDead actually talked to himself, acting like his sockpuppet User:Sandm4n was someone else:

User:Sandm4n response to User:WDCMC[10]
User:TheWalkingDead response to User:Sandm4n: "Thanks Sanddm4n for believing me.Alot of people missed him in the promo" (pointing to User:WDCMC is User:TheWalkingDead)[11]

User:TheWalkingDead as User:Sandm4n also created another user blog about his unsubstantiated theories: User_blog:Sandm4n/Morgan_in_Nebraska_Preview!?


Again, all the sockpuppetry is bad, but the important thing to remember is the threat to me, which clearly crossed over the line:

Hey Hey Hey, Stop fucking getting in my fucking way or else I will get a crossbow and silence you. Falloutkiller177.[12]