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  • Whipsnap

    In the very last shot of the preview for Hounded we see Maggie pointing her gun at someone. It's hard to tell who it is exactly but from what we see it looks a little bit like Merle. He is out looking for Michonne while Maggie and Glenn are out on a run, he wouldn't know who Maggie is but would certainly recognise Glenn. Could this be the episode he meets the group again?

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  • Whipsnap

    Milton's Experiment?

    November 5, 2012 by Whipsnap

    I have watched the preview for Say the Word a few times now because something caught my eye. In the last shot of the preview at the end of Killer Within, we see Milton being bitten; however there is no blood and he seems to be wearing some kind of protective suit/armor. This is just pure speculation but does anyone else think he is working out a way to stop the walkers biting people with this "protective suit/armor"?

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  • Whipsnap


    The Something To Fear story arc has a unique set of covers. They each have a member of The Saviors on them, wielding different weapons each. I was wondering if the six covers are going to represent how six of the main characters will die. Kirkman said it was going to be a bloodbath and all of the weapons featured are capable of brutally killing human beings.

    Issue 97 = Chainsaw - A certain character could be killed by being attacked with a chainsaw.

    Issue 98 = Axe - An Axe could easily kill a person or easily mutilate their body.

    Issue 99 = Sledgehammer - A Sledgehammer could cause huge blunt traumas to a persons body.

    Issue 100 = Baseball with Barbed Wire - Once again, blunt for…

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  • Whipsnap


    It's going to be set in the TV Series storyline and will be based on Daryl Dixon and Merle Dixon before they get to the Atlanta camp. No gameplay is shown but story wise this may be a good game.

    Check it out! What does everybody think?

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