Ok, so like all of you I've been biding my time until today's issue reading over the last 14 volumes over and over as well as the latest issues of this arc, reliving the best and worst of the series.

The bare beginnings... the legendary introductions... the incredible execution of events... and most importantly, the villains. As the Prison storyline came to pass, I found myself missing the Governer more and more. When the hunters came and went, as well as the rapist scavengers and DC scavengers, I've come to realize that the ratio of villains up until todays issue has been a little too come and go. Let me explain:

Zombies of course, though they're a constant threat.

Shane was by far the most personal villain for Rick himself, as the safety of the group being a close second.

The Governer was the Joker for modern-age comics. Nuff said.

The rapist scavengers were a great event to support my fav character, ol' Abe's, backstory. Other than that, they were more like scavengers from a Fallout game.

The hunters were brutally creative and fun, especially as the story arc climaxed. RIP Dale

Pete and those other Alexandria chumps? meh, who cared?(The only ones worth a flip to me are Heath, Cloyd Aaron, Eric and Holly, though I love Rosita more :P)

The DC scavengers were random but certainly well placed as the one's responsible for Rick's ascension as a force to be reckoned with throughout Alexandria.

Now we have this Hilltop arc and it's totally coming out there is a new power to be reckoned with. My biggest question is... if it were possible, WHO would you like to see come into the next coveted villian role?

I honestly wanna see Davidson seek his retribution. If not him, maybe a villain of some sort whose insanity makes the Governers' look tame in comparison. All I'm saying is that issue 100 is coming up and it's about time something tragic happens to Rick and/or his group. Another question in itself of what that could be, the main question is, what kind of enemy do YOU want to see next? Another Governer? A rogue vigilante priest bent on ening the world? A completely flipped Rick??? DARYL?!??!(haha! hate all ya want, they gotta introduce him somehow, am I right? lets hope that goes well)

As for tragedy... here's another Q: who is up for dying now from the original group and their flock?(Rick, Carl, Andrea, Glenn, Michonne, Sophia, Maggie, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene and Gabriel) I wanna see Gabriel or Eugene bite it, but I think it'll be someone bigger like Michonne. I mean the way Kirkman is about randomness and irony, I think it would be up his ally that as soon as the show introduces her then he kills her off. I pray for everyone else but I still can't wait if you can't tell!!! o_O