Updates And A Message For Potential Writers!!

The sister-wiki of this one is blowing up in a big way!! New readers visit everyday and writers have been joining the undead story telling ranks! Thank you everyone for your continued support and please stop by anytime!!

And now a reminder for those who may be thinking about doing some zombie writing; The admins of this Wikia would likely all agree with me in saying that thiese blogs are not really meant for stories, but for WD related info, gossip, reviews, speculations and such. The creation of the Undead Fan Stories Wikia was intended JUST for these purposes and as I had said is a sister-site, having been created right out of this one. This means viewers of this wikia may visit at any time and read your hard work! If you do join, see me about promotion or ask any of the admins on the site!(Kaffe, Hallowseve, Crosider, myself)

That said, I am going to do a monthly update and promote new stories as they come in(tomorrow I'll post the current ones after work). Lets hope that this not only reduces over-blogging on this awesome wiki, but get the awesome writers on the awesome sister wiki some readers!! Thank you all! Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!!


The following info regards SOME of the current stories and authors who wrote them for readers to look forward too!!

  • J Shephard brings over his popular "Noah's Story" to the sister-site and is getting the first three issues of it set up, in case some have missed out on it and want to start from the beginning!
  • Mcase19 writes "Sacrifices Of The Apocalypse", a new zombie story with a great twist!
  • NickTheSurvivor introduces us to "Undead World"
  • Kaffe writes "Nellie", a story of one fishermans fight for survival and "The Sewers", following a group of survivors hiding underground from the undead clambering above!
  • UFS Wikia founder Hallowseve writes three epic zombie stories, "Dark Times", "Days Of Darkness" and "Overcast"
  • Crosider continues his story, "Choices I Make".
  • I myself am preparing to finish the Page 12 finale of "Walking Dead:Requiem's Chapter One"
  • Moodyrocks joins the Wikia with "Peter's Journey"
  • Crosider and Kaffe combine forces to write a hybrid story-form that anyone can contribute too after asking in the title of "Hope Is For The Weak"