So................ heard a interesting theory on a forum that thinks they'll introduce Abe, Rosita and Eugene earlier, in place of Tyrese, Julie and Chris. PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE don't get it twisted, I WANT Tyrese in the show, he is a legit survivor whose importance goes beyond that of anyone else(save for Michonne). It appears that T-Dog has capped this role in an important way though, speaking of Tyrese, which I'm a bit offended by but not totally uncool with. If they were to do that, introducing these three pivotal FUTURE characters would make for great characterizations that haven't been tapped on.

The issues with it:

-They're already struggling not to have too many names on the main credits, as most TV shows do.

-WAY too early, obviously.

-Rick isn't strong enough for the hardcore survivor Abe is on the show, not yet anyway.

-Who would play them?!?!(Kane Hodder for Abe. If you haven't met him, go to a comic con and he's ALWAYS the easiest to meet. Incredible guy and his stories PROVE his strength to be this role, even though he's 60 fucking years old!!! GOD, make's ME feel really old lol... best story he has is when he was on set of F13th PT 7 in full Jason makeup, he scared a local who called the Sheriff, just ASK him about it)

The Positives:

-The stories of Abe, Rosita and Eugene are largely unexplored at this point. Rick has his family unlike the Abe we know, there's no "early apocalypse" hoe like Rosita(do NOT get it twisted, I love me some Rosita!!) and the fact that the group has been to the CDC would make one think they'd believe Eugene's claims of being a scientist more dynamic.

-Seeing Lori and Abe onscreen together, interacting and becoming close in the sense of losing family which can happen to the Grimes clan at any time now.

-Abe taking on that mantle of powerhouse for the show, replacing Shane.

-The interactions in the Governor conflict.

-Abe's dirty mouth.

-Another relationship other than Rick and Lori or Glenn and Maggie.

I dunno... what are your thoughts?