Reflections Of The Living Dead

In two nights time, AMC will air the season 2 finale of THE WALKING DEAD, a widely acclaimed drama series surrounding the zombie outbreak that ends society as we know it. So far in the show, the protagonist Rick Grimes has waken from an impossible coma(Rip Van Winkle more than 28 DAYS LATER for those saying this show ripped off something, HATERS) in a world of the living dead to reunite with his lost family and a small bastion of human survivors.

Since then, the show follows this group on the perils of living in a new world run by roaming, undead walkers and dangerous survivors alike, including his best friend and former partner Shane whose lust for Lori Grimes has progressively strengthened. By the end of season 2, the group has come a long way with the recovering alcoholic patriarch and his extended family whom share their seemingly safehaven farm. They've lost many incredible people and have learned much about this new world, leading to a confrontation of apocalyptic proportions as an army of the dead approach the once idyllic location. Shane, murdered by Rick to prevent anymore trouble and put down as a walker by his son, the last child Carl Grimes, may have very well been the lucky one.


  • Who should be introduced the most from the comic? This show is taking safe liberties and seems to always come back with character twists and turns... my vote is for Michonne.
  • Dale mentioned this new world was perfect for Shane. Had he lived, would he have turned the group on Rick, Hershel and those who openly opposed him?
  • Who would Rick be stronger without the most? Lori or Carl?(NOTE:Baby is void lol)
  • Would the show suffer without Andrea, despite her finally coming around not only as sharpshooter but slowly as a leader?
  • Is T-Dog truly the show's Tyreese from a weaker to stronger conception, the character having last been seen wielding a hammer as a weapon?
  • The Governer has been confirmed. Will he cut off Rick's hand and if the show cannot do this, what compromise can be made?
  • Are Dave, Tony, Sean, Nate and Randall part of the Governer's group?
  • Actors Norman Reedus and Michael Rooker have mentioned Merle will return in another fashion than a vision or dream. If so, would being part of Woodsbury be acceptable? Would this be a strong enough point for Daryl to accept his role as one of the hero groups most distinguished leaders? Above Rick?
  • Is Carol's interpretation from the comic to TV series fair and just? Is she better, or worse?
  • Of the male heroes, minus Rick and Daryl, who is your favorite?
  • Of the female heroes, who is your CURRENT favorite?
  • If you were in Rick's group, what would you be you #1 weapon of choice?
  • And final chance... what do YOU think was the whisper before it is finally revealed.

I apologize for the formalities but I love this show and knowing that it'll be a while before it comes back on makes me a bit of a crazy fan geek. I hope recollecting the memories of the WALKING DEAD is worth my geeky banter and answering some fan questions I've created for your pleasure and my curiosity :)