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R.I.P. Abraham Ford

Dedicated To The Deceased...

As expected, the first of possibly several major characters has been killed off in the dramatic Something To Fear story arc. Reminiscent of Woodbury's brutal attack on the prison, Walking Dead fans are anticipating the worst has truly yet to come.

The casualty is former Military Sergeant Abraham Ford, a vital powerhouse role to the group of survivors led by Rick Grimes. In his life he has lost his family and humanity but he was comforted by the love of Rosita Espinosa and betrayed her for the affections of Holly. In his dying words, he assured his longest post-apocalyptic friend Eugene Porter that he would like for Rosita to be happy without him.

Sentiments and reflections are welcomed.

My Favorite Abraham Moment...

When Rick, Carl and Abe travelled back to Cynthia they encountered three bandits who attempted raping Carl. Though hesitant at the threat of the boys immediate death, he calmly assures the bandits that he will kill them all. Sure enough, he kills one while Rick annhilates the other two single handedly. (light joke I apologize).

My Sentiment...

Just IMAGINE the look on Dwight's face as he watched the guy that he had shot in the head still standing and talking long before dropping. It goes to show those monsters just what kind of strength they are truly up against.

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