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Poll time!!! Who in the comic do YOU want to appear the most???


Out of the seven following characters, who do YOU want to see appear/reappear first in the comic series and more importantly why???? Keep in mind this is for fun and you can add on if you would like:

'A) 'Jeff Grimes The lost brother of Rick, uncle of Carl. Only mentioned in one panel and never thought of again. He could very well still be alive in this world, being a Grimes who regularly used to whoop his brothers ass.

B) Daryl Dixon The breakout character from the tv phenomenon. Expert tracker, hunter, hillbilly Jedi and overrall badass with a crossbow.

C) Alexander Davidson The mysterious leader who was exiled from the Alexandria Safe Zone for "questionable leadership" by his "questionable" co-founder. Revealed to have been alive while his people still believe him dead, the truth known only now by Rick I believe.

D) Lilly The rebel Woodbury killer of Lori and Judith Grime as well as her leader The Governor upon discovering his treachery. Disappeared during the prison chaos and has since garnered interest in the upcoming novel and videogame series.

E) Dr Edwin Jenner The last surviving scientist of the CDC from the tv series, living onto see his genius wife's work until his own demise. An important figure in the franchise, representing the world's current situation within the show whereas the closest thing in the book was thought to be Eugene Porter.

F) Lucille The inevitable issue 100 "character" who is set to appear according to a teaser poster. What is more cryptic than that lol? Still, I would like to know how many are excited or even care about it.

G) April Chalmers A woman met only in the comics by the Blake family who was "unintentionally"(for lack of a better word) raped by the man who killed her undead father. After her sister Tara forced the Blake survivors out of the house at gunpoint, their fate remains unknown. However, it is safe to assume that this woman and her incredibly strong sister went onto survive the cold-hearted new world.

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