Social Game Status(possible spoilers when directed)

Yessir, I have level 28 and I'm playing with it. Don't ask me how I got to this, just know its not all monetary. I've only ever paid for the weapons I have(including Daryl's crossbow, Shane's glock, Glenn's tactical shotgun, his machete and Rick's revolver) as well as a few uses of energy refills(always by twos). Add me onto your account and I'm always willing to aide one in need. I can't say how I got a promo beta version that got me this far, but I'm able to play with anyone. I'm ALWAYS game for that. My name is Wesley Woodfin


Summer's parents die and she does too eventually after running off. T-Dog tries looking out for her but loses sight and initiates the search for her. Lori sits on her ass or just sits their all the time, Shane continues being a dick, Carl says Carl shit, Morgan disappears along with others and the story is coming to an end where the current camp is attacked.


Enjoy this game. I always need more mercs to watch my camp.