"Easily the most gruesome, horrifying issue of WD yet"

Ah, 100 issues(double entendre, eh?)! Love the thought of this! The only downside is the sad fact that that means the series run is 1/3 of the way through... oh well, let's hope it's gory and they FINALLY start killing some folks off once again! Please forgive my theatrics...

The STORY thus far:

Rick and crew have come along way from waiting day to day for a rescue that would never come in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. After surviving walkers, a prison with convicts, the hellish town of Woodbury, rapists, cannibalistic humans and most importantly themselves, Rick's group have grown and become the ultimate survivors in a world with no laws or limits. Rick himself has been tested int the losses of his friends, wife, daughter and more than once his son Carl. Many others have died and/or succumb to the mysterious virus that still plagues their every step of the way to finally find a town seemingly stuck in a time before the apocalypse, the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Having literally flipped the script from struggling survivors to paranoid vigilantes, the group find themselves bringing into the Alexandria population their horrors and nightmarish beliefs in a world run by the living dead.

Becoming the ultimate leader once again, Rick Grimes leads Alexandria into a new direction with a new community, the Hilltop. Holding on to the shred of hope that there is hope for some normality in the new world, Rick ventures along with his most trusted commrades on an ambassador like mission that ultimately end with him becoming the Colony's defacto protector. With tensions high but his hopes higher, Rick entertains the idea that the Hilltop Colony's enemies are able to be handled and this theory has lead to this moment... a dangerous gang of enemies just around the corner with an uncanny sense of loyalty to the mysterious Negan.

Who remains at all...

We have the survivors who remain:

From Atlanta; Rick Grimes, Carl Grimes, Andrea, Glenn and Sophia Pelteir.

From the Greene Farm, Prison era and elsewhere: Maggie Greene, Michonne, Abe Ford, Rosita Espinosa, Eugene Porter and Father Gabriel

Finally, from the Alexandria Safe-Zone and Hilltop Community: Heath, Denise Cloyd, Spencer Monroe, Holly, Eric, Aaron, Nicholas, Olivia, Mikey, Paula, Barbara, Paul Monroe, Gregory, Kal, Wesley, Eduardo, Carson and Samuel, as well as many other unnamed survivors in each community.

Now, we have the introduction of several unseen and possibly dangerous survivors known as the Saviors who terrorize the desired simplicity of the Hilltop survivors. Among them, speculation reveals that this group possibly consists of the hit TV Series' breakout character Daryl Dixon and his neo-nazi brother Merle, as well as the possibility that Alexandria's former leader Alexander Davidson are among them. Definately among them is the engimatic Negan and Hilltop hostage Crystal.

With ALL of that said...

OK, I'm done recapping but here's the main point: who will die? What is most likely to happen in the very special one-hundredth issue, whose cover will be released nine different ways. Knowing Robert Kirkman the way we fans do, what will he do to shake up the currently dormant though intensified storyline?

My Theories:

Kirkman will introduce at least Daryl and possibly Merle into the storyline as antagonists with the Saviors. I have no doubt this is Negan's group.

The Alexandria Safe-Zone is a target for attack by the group, leading to the deaths of many in the vein of the Governer's assault in Volume 8's Made To Suffer climax. It'll either be this or the Hilltop will be incapped, though I have a feeling Davidson is mixed up in this and has been plotting revenge for sometime against Alexandria.

I believe that Abrahams group will be compromised in the deaths of one or all members, the main ones currently being Eugene and Abraham(who I think will be captured or wounded).

The chopping block consists of ALL Alexandria Safe-Zone survivors, but who will Kirkman kill and think about it... the man is hard to predict.