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Favorite Characters, Locations, Zombies and Such... Again

I'm sure it's been done time and time again, but oh-the-hell-well... I'm curious as to who YOUR faves are from both show AND comics! Here's how I'm doin it:

  • Favorite Comic Male Hero: Morgan(deceased), Abraham(present)
  • Favorite Comic Female Hero: Michonne. Always hahaha!
  • Favorite Comic Villain: Governer, duh! Though the hunters were awesome chumps too, nice and original like
  • Favorite Comic Child: Carl
  • Favorite Comic Location: The Prison
  • Favorite Series Male Hero: Morgan
  • Favorite Series Female Hero: Maggie
  • Favorite Series Villain: Shane. I don't know about this Morrisey chump yet, I'll hold my tongue
  • Favorite Series Child: Duane.
  • Favorite Series Location: Wiltshire Estates
  • Favorite Weapon: Shane's shotgun and Glenn's machete

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