As we fan's are well aware, fan-fiction can be bad and it can be awesome. I've read alot lately that surpasses alot of the spin-off media of our beloved Walking Dead and well, I decided to stop writing screenplays and try my hand at it. It's called WALKING DEAD: REQUIEM, and follows the remains of an insanely dysfunctional family in the apocalypse through novella format. I've started it in the form like this with PAGES instead of EPISODES and CHAPTERS in place of SEASONS, so you'll have to bare with it's odd pace though each page will become more and more gruesome as the story begins to form. If you're interested, give it a read through and if not, that's OK too. Its not a long read and I'd just like some feedback. Thanks!!!!!!!!

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UPDATE: (Aug 7, 2012)

In light of a sister-wiki created solely for Undead Fanon, I am moving WALKING DEAD: REQUIEM to it after the release of Page Eight. It will remain on my profile until the end of the month, as I will instead use my profile and tell you how awesome I am :D

I digress, to catch up with the drama surrounding the Hindle family, please check the wiki so we can start making this awesome sister of ours GROW!

This is my effort to lead our devoted wikian's with their own stories AWAY from the blog and somewhere made specifically for us to do this. The logic is that blogs should solely be for WD News, updates, questions and theories. Stories are fun and alot of the time bad, but they now have a place and it is the Undead Fan Stories Wikia. Some of us to join the site founded by Hallowseve15 include myself, Kaffe4200 and Crosrider.