I Have A Dream!

My fellow Wikians! I have a dream!!! What is that dream you ask?!?!?!? Well lemme break it down for you as softly and gently as possible...

I think writing fan ficton on the blogs is getting silly and pointless, as the blogs should be reserved solely for Walking Dead info, news, updates, questions, theories and reviews.... a sincere line of communicating between us fans! Sound harsh towards our loyal story writers? Do I think all fanfiction sucks?!?!? No. In fact, I LOVE reading the creative works of others and writing my very own! So the solution to this you ask?!?! Well, the answer is in fact The Undead Fan Stories Wiki!!!! A newly formed sister-site to the Walking Dead wikia, founded by our very own Hallowseve15 dedicated solely to the creation of zombie fanfiction! There are already nine of us over there, writing a fresh slew of stories for your reading pleasure! I myself write the WD:Requiem stories on my profile here and I am in the midst of switching over exclusively to the new wiki in order to make my profile more of a, uh, well, a profile :P

In anycase, join us in helping my dream of making this wiki out by visiting to read, write your OWN zombie/Walking Dead related stories and YES! Give ideas on how to help the wiki grow!!! Thank you for your time folks and have a pleasant tomorrow!!