I understand much of this has been stated, but I need to say this at some point.

Episodes 1 and 2 deal with the separated groups. In episode 1 we see Rick and Carl as the A plot, dealing with their relationship, Ricks injuries, and Judith (think big character development). The B plot sees Glenn and the redshirts, who encounter Michonne. They set up a temporary camp, but when they awake to several unnamed characters missing, they leave, Michonne being the only able fighter with Glenn being sick. They encounter a small herd, and they lose the bus in the ensuing frenzy. A small C plot would deal with Beth and Daryl, but other than returning suicidal thoughts from the loss of Hershel, not much comes of it.

Episode 2 would see even focus on the groups of Maggie, Sasha, & Bob, and Tyreese, Lizzie, & Mika. Maggie is extremely depressed at the loss of her father and being separated from Glenn and Beth, Bob relapses, and Sasha has to keep everyone sane and alive. These are three characters we've yet to see interact, so it was a good choice on the writers part. Tyreese's plot is a combination of things said before, but after working this together, they seem more plausible than I first thought. First, it's revealed they have Judith. Mika dies early via walker bite. Throughout the episode, Tyreese learns that Lizzie was the walker feeder (the rats) and Karen's killer. She killed them and told Carol, who carried out the burning. The climax comes when, after dealing with this moral dilemma the whole episode, Tyreese kills her by choking her. Tyreese will later tell people she was bit. The episode ends with Maggie's group encountering Abraham's.

Episode 3 sees the groups join one by one. Tyreese and Judith find Michonne, Glenn, and the few remaining redshirts; Rick and Carl run into Daryl and Beth, and then Maggie's group, now including Abraham's. They get off to a patchy start, but Abraham gains trust when, on a good run with Carl, Daryl, and one of his own, he rescues someone from Glenn's group (Judith?). The episode ends with a happy ending... only to cut to a shot of the Hunters eating a redshirt we'd recognize (no one specific).

Episodes four through six see the Fear the Hunters arc, with a few twists for freshness. We don't see a major character death here, but someone like Bob or Beth (and the redshirts) does. This arc ends with a major character in serious danger, but is saved by Lily and Tara. This act gains them entrance into the now very large group, but not easily. This is explored for the remainder of the season.

Now homeless, episode 7 sees the gang get their hands on some vehicles and go the only place Rick can think of:Morgan's. Isolation hasn't done him well. He's crazier than ever. Things come to a head when he kills a group member (Sasha?) And Rick must put him down, going back to the "too far gone" theme of the season.

Now armed with Morgan's arsenal and vehicles, the squad leaves for DC. Slight problem though: Carols back. She has a small group. No one feels comfortable near her, and with Mika and Lizzie dead she slowly becomes insane. Tyreese confronts her, but Rick doesn't let anything happen. Later, Carol finds walker Lizzie, free of bites. She kills Tyreese, but it costs her and her groups lives. The survivors set out once more towards DC.

Note the lack of many specific character deaths and the ambiguity of the Hunters arc. I feel these will be twisty. Also, while most is probably wrong, this is what I'd like to see. I didn't go into much detail on specifics (e.g. reactions to deaths) either.

For those of you who didn't catch it, the missing redshirts are Hunter victims, and I didn't know where Gareth would fit in the story