although we all probably know that season 2 will just end up regardless of your choices, have all 5 survivors + clem together, and just like season 1, limiting the impact of your choices to changing of certain dialouge and the removal/addition of certain characters rather than affecting the story in a radical and extreme way

But I have hope that the fate of the 6 Main survivors (Vince,Wyatt,Shel,Clem,Bonnie and Russel) will be up to the player, having them stay at the camp changes their fate, having them go changes it, maybe there will be a quick time event in which you have to once again "pick one" to save over another or maybe zombies overtake the community and you have to individually control each character and get them to safety, with only stuff ups with clem resulting in a game over, and everyone else (the 400 "5") only having one chance, if they die they die, and the story will change because of it from say episode 3/4 onwards with the final episode being kind of like season ones episode 5, where depending on your choices you have a different opening/ and hopefully for this season, a different story and ending

I am hoping that season 2 walking dead story will be:

The 400 Days survivors joining Tavias community and evenutally down the road recruiting/inviting Clemintine and possibly Omid and Christa. Omid stated that they needed a large group for christas pregnancy

at the start its clemintine, from the outskirts to meeting up with christa and omid

then clem, omid and christa to being found by a scout from tavias community

and then 

clem, omid, christa and the community minus the 400 days survivors who stayed at the campsite 

Possible fates for those who stayed at the campsite

Just russel/wyatt/vince/ - starvation/unknown - 

vince, shel,(becca), wyatt and russel (3 or 4) - death by bandits - raided because they are out in the open 

two (any), - Unknown/presumed dead - they leave the camp