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    Darryl, a survivor and michonne are in an abandoned town, we can tell from the way they are just out in the open that its not swarming with zombies. The three then go in the store which leads me to assume that Rick has sent out them as a party to search towns for supplies

    Next scene we see sasha instructing a group larger than the previous one, that has darryl, tyrese, glenn, michonne and what I can assume to be, the survivor from before in the first segment(survivor #1, whose face is not seen)

    Next scene we see Bob Stookey, a new character (read his page for more info) who is seen guarding the front of the store, we then hear a scream (a character may have been bitten) I am assuming this character i…

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  • WallyDBeachBully

    although we all probably know that season 2 will just end up regardless of your choices, have all 5 survivors + clem together, and just like season 1, limiting the impact of your choices to changing of certain dialouge and the removal/addition of certain characters rather than affecting the story in a radical and extreme way

    But I have hope that the fate of the 6 Main survivors (Vince,Wyatt,Shel,Clem,Bonnie and Russel) will be up to the player, having them stay at the camp changes their fate, having them go changes it, maybe there will be a quick time event in which you have to once again "pick one" to save over another or maybe zombies overtake the community and you have to individually control each character and get them to safety, with o…

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