Hey guys there are a bunch of SPOILERS in this blog so if you haven't seen the last episode of the 3rd season STOP READING!!! With Andrea's death I was a little stunned and shocked with disbelief, I mean you have a woman who survived a day in the woods alone with walkers all around her and she survived before Michonne showed up.  Then whe she tries to go back to the Prison she kills 3 walkers when one grabbed her from behind.  Then when Andrea was trying to get her self free she had one hand free by the time Milton had reanimated and was coming at her, and Milton was a weak man and an even weaker walker so my question is HOW THE HELL WAS HE ABLE TO BITE HER?! She was aptly prepared to fight him, did she give up or something?? I want to know your guy's opinion on this. 

Thanks a bunch.

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