Hello I am a new wiki contributor and am a huge fan of the walking dead. First this blog is basically just about news and or rumors about either the walking dead comic game and show. I would just like to say if you are going to post any spoilers, please feel free to do so because people are going to find out one way or another.

I am going to tell you about some of my predictions now.

First the comic, I think that in coming issues jesus will either be found brutally beaten or dead because of the saviors. Ricks plan will begin to get even more dangerous for them and some main characters will be killed.
Next the game, In the next and final episode of the walking dead game season 1 I think the group will have to deal with the big hoard they saw at the end of last weeks episode. They will try to get back to the house but it will be overrun by walkers. Kenny will see the boat being shrouded by walkers and jump in to try and get it and will be bitten. Omid will try to run but will be bitten then a traumatized crista will try to save him and be bitten as well. Lee will find clementine but won't have much time left. They will find out that clementines parents were either killed by crawford or bitten. Ben in the chaos will try to run if you saved him and will escape and you won't see him again.

Finally for the show, I have heard many possible spoilers but hear is what I think will happen. Tdog will die either this episode or in upcoming episodes. Beth will probably last until mid season where she will be either shot and killed by the governor or be bit. Either way Carl will be very upset. I am dying inside just thinking this but I think Daryl will probably be killed at the season finale or mid season finale.Lori will probably give birth and last a few episodes and then die.#REDIRECT Insert text