• WalkingDeadFan1911

    My theory for Season 2 is that we see the world before the apocalypse and we see 2 best friends in conversation then boom it cuts into the apocalypse. In episode 4 we lost track of what day of the apocalypse is, all i know that it is Day 101+. So i am guessing like Day 104 or 106 we see the 2 friends walking along a hill then the choices start coming up in conversation after about a few minutes of dialogue and stuff like "this character will remember..." you're character stops and notices a silhouette of a little girl and they begin to walk towards it. Depending on Lee's last few choices Clem will either approach them in conversation or try to hide. =====Please wite down your prediction below! =====

    So i guess i am all in on 2 new male chara…

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