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Season 4 Predictions

These are some predictions of what I think will happen in season 4. Some are based on the comic book and some are just out of my head, either way they are just predictions. I will upload more soon ( NOTE: Some may be false statements)

- Rick revisits Morgan

- Carl gets kidnapped

- Rick loses his hand

- Glenn and Maggie have a baby

- The group play soccer with walker heads!

- Saviours are introduced to the show

- Prision will burn down and eventually the group will depart

-Carl loses his eye

Death Predictions

Hershel- Gets bitten again, this time no amputation can be done

Glenn- Beaten to death by Negan 

Governor- Burned to death, then devoured by walkers, then shot in head by Rick.

Carol- While running from the burning prision (as stated in previous prediction), she gets bit by a walker and Daryl in despair puts her down

Carl- When he is kidnapped, he could possibly be killed

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