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  • WalkerTexasRanger

    Right. So, The Walking Dead television show. It sucks donkey balls. I, and a healthy number of people have been inclined to agree. It seems like more people nowadays are coming to the side of reason, and it pleases me to see this happening.

    To the people who still disagree, here are the reasons why you're wrong.

    When you want to present an idea, you have to make certain adjustments based on your medium. For T.V. shows, one needs to form a pace that accommodates the run time, including season breaks and program running time. The Walking Dead manages to fuck up every single one of these things, and for no good reason.

    Lemme ask you something. Can you justify the Season 6 finale's runtime? Because I can't. Having extra time shouldn't be about stre…

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  • WalkerTexasRanger

    Caulk Meme picture. Let’s do this.

    In case the title was still incredibly misleading: AMC pulled a Viacom and strong-armed TWD spoil fanatic group called Spoil the Walking Dead into silence on the matter of Negan’s big kill in at the end of Season 7.

    I can't say that I'm surprised. In fact, we should be surprised that more hasn't already been done. However, this is one of the more scummy actions I’ve seen, and it’s wrong on many grounds. AMC has done me right with Breaking Bad and Humans, but this shit right here is just skeezy.

    For one thing, The Spoiling Dead’s estimations are just that. The site’s final summations do happen to be very, very accurate – through legal onset viewing, estimated guesses and speculation, and other means that I ca…

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  • WalkerTexasRanger


    Let's get right into it, as this is going to be a pretty quick one.

    When Fear The Walking Dead was announced, I was very skeptical. I'm not a fan of the show to begin with, and it felt like a mere cash grab, with no substance of its own. That being said, I tried walking into the show with an open mind, hoping the show-runners would give us something I might be able to appreciate for what it was, if not even something enjoyable.

    Well, Season 1 was, for lack of better words, dead boring. I had trouble connecting with, or caring about the characters, the dialogue felt stilted, and the pace was simply a drag. I understand that this show is about the beginning of the apocalypse, and it was somewhat meant to be a slow burn, with the characte…

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  • WalkerTexasRanger

    It's time to b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-blog!

    Hello again, one and all, I’m back. Why have I returned to the realm of blogging, and upon what orifice of the TV show will I be shitting today? Yes, you’re fucking asking that, shut up. Well, ! This time, my partner in crime is none other than…Silentm8!


    Well, it’s something that’s been on our minds for a long time. What if The Walking Dead had an animated series? In my opinion, an animated show would be successful on several fronts. Let’s get right into it!

    It costs upwards of $2.7 million (USD) for each episode of The Walking Dead. If we had gotten an animated series first, we would see a great deal of flexibility in the production and costs of the show. One of the issues of live-action programmin…

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  • WalkerTexasRanger

    Hello, Cha Cha! It’s Caulk here again with some new goodness. It’s been awhile since last I’ve blogged, but with Season 6 of the TV show in full swing, we were dying to bring up an issue that has persisted throughout the show. Now, as you know, I’m not exactly a proponent of the TV show, a sentiment which quite a few other TWDW members share, so when we saw the chance to make this blog, we jumped at it. Who’s “we”, you ask?

    That would be me, GhostWolf716, admin and what not. Complaining about the show really makes me happy. So I’ve teamed up with Caulk here to bring you 5 so bad they’re good characters from the show! You know that feeling when you watch a really bad movie, let’s say Judge Dredd (the 1995 one) and you know it’s awful, but yo…

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