aka Aaron

  • I live in Leeds
  • I was born on June 1
  • I am Male
  • WalkerSniper

    Decisions, Decisions 2

    November 20, 2013 by WalkerSniper

    Sorry, I had a lot of delays, anyways time to see what you would do in another Scenario                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             You and 3 others have recently become part of a new community, so you're unfamiliar with how it works. After recently talking to the leader of the group you learn that they have a zero tolerance to anyone who affects their community in a negative way, unless it’s beyond their help, death being the common penalty, it’s implied the people are fed…

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  • WalkerSniper

    Decisions, Decisions

    October 23, 2013 by WalkerSniper

    I've decided, I'll be doing Blogs were you have to make choices and rather than a 'do this or this' it's all about how you would handle the situation, it's compleatly up to you. So Let's not waste time and get to it.

    Situation: Your in a school and after a firefight with Bandits, One of your group has been shot, while the wound wasn't instanctly fatel, his chances of surivival are low. The man's Girlfriend is attempting to save his life and the two have also lost their child last week because of the same Bandits, so losing him will likely push her over the edge. Your aware that people come back regardless of being bitten or not and you see the man's gun. It's obvious should he die, he'll come back the woman will be surely be killed, and end…

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