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"You Follow Me? - Axel Re-Write"
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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my blog about "Axel".

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Who is Axel?

Before the outbreak, Axel was convicted for armed robbery and was placed behind bars in The West Georgia Correctional Facility in the southern state of Georgia. At the onset of the outbreak, Axel along with Tiny, Oscar, Tomas, and Andrew were locked up in The Prison's cafeteria for months in hopes that they would be rescued. Apparently, they were found by civilians (Rick's Group) after a tragic event. They were later informed that all Government agencies and itself have already collapsed.
After the incident with Tomas and Andrew, Axel and Oscar have been helping the Rick's group to have their trust including assisting the group during Andrew's revenge. After the incident, Axel and Oscar blended with the group. Unfortunately, shortly after Oscar died, Axel was shot by the leader of their enemy.

I like

Axel is nothing compared with his Comic counterpart (because I find that Axel superior than him). Despite of it, "This" Axel is making his own footprints in the TWD universe. He is one of those characters that is very funny at some occasions with a little tint of annoyance BUT when it comes to serious shitstorms I could say that he is one of those "I hide on your mustache" kind of guy.

I dislike

Like many characters, He is one of the characters who are written off without even reaching their potential in the meter of development! Though he is not on my favorites list, Axel is a very interesting character that fairly differs from his comic counterpart, Killing him off is premature and unnecessary.....His death made me realize that we need a new show runner.

The Fate of Axel

Season 3

Prisoner Cafeteria Standoff
Everything that I wrote on the previous re-write blogs does not intertwine with this one.


Wounded by the first attack of The Governor, Was later seen talking with Hershel while treating his arm wound.

"I Ain't A Judas"

Stayed in Cell Block C to guard Judith while the others rally towards the gate to see who the intruder was, later revealed as the "lady who should never be named". Seen opening the gate as "the lady" leaves The Prison.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

Maggie mentions that he is fixing the Generators again.

"This Sorrowful Life"

Axel is seen in the laundry room and asks Merle about his plans to clear up his suspicions. Merle admitted that he would settle it once and for all with The Governor. Axel volunteers so that he could avenge Oscar but was declined. Axel understands and promises to keep it as a secret but failed to do so after Rick "eye fucks" him.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Hides for cover. Got injured by an unnamed Woodburian as it attempts to kill them. Hershel tends to his wound while Rick and the others went to Woodbury to finish it. Exits Cell Block C to greet the Woodburians brought home by Rick and Co.

Season 04

Prison 408

"30 Days Without An Accident"

Clearing the fences with the others. Seen later flirting with Carol though the latter keeps on telling him not to continue. He is then seen talking with Ryan while Carol gives the children lessons and later on (as soon as Ryan left) during knife lessons. He escorts Patrick to his cell when the latter said that he is not feeling very well.


Joins Rick and Co. in clearing Cell Block D. He was among the survivors who seemingly have a sort of high resistance from The Flu. He was seen burying Ryan and mourns with Lizzie and Mika and promises that he would take care of them.


Was seen fixing Zach's car. Axel entrusts the kids to Carol while he is away with Daryl, Tyreese, Bob, and Michonne. Gets out of the car when they encounter the herd.


He shares more of his past to Daryl and Bob during their conversation and is glad that he found good people and accepted him despite of what Tomas and Andrew did to them. Got disappointed to Bob after learning that he Is carrying booze rather than essential stuff that would help the people back at The Prison.


Returns to The Prison with the meds. Visits Lizzie and Mika to make sure that they are safe.

"Too Far Gone"

He goes to the causeway after seeing The Governor and his militiamen. Witnesses Hershel's execution and starts sniping the enemy. Unfortunately, The Tank reaches the courtyard and fires at the causeway, Killing him. While leaving The Prison, Tyreese sees a bloodied riot gear with guts that Axel wore during the Assault.


Here is my message to the person who gave life to Axel, Mr. Lew Temple.

Thanks for portraying Axel even though that it is just for a short matter of time. I am disappointed by how the previous showrunner decided to kill your role off quickly. Anyways, You've done a great job amusing us as an Axel that far differs from it's counterpart. You've nailed the role....Lew Temple Style! Again, In behalf of your fans on this site, Thank You very much.


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