10-22-13 (Philippine Time)

Special Blog Entry #4

CODE: W.Maimer - (SBE04)

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I urge all Users to read this with Importance

We want Change!
- WalkerMaimer, SL, MMf, RWr

From the Maimer

This is WalkerMaimer in his serious and stern self. I would like to tell you that my career in this Wiki from this point would be uncertain because of what I am going to do, "It's either drown or soar" tonight, and emotions of sadness is within me but I have to do this for this Wiki that I grew to love in the past 3 Months of editing, chatting, and blogging. So I am Thanking you all from this point. God Bless you all.

Before we begin, I would like to remind you these following things:

  • Do not harm the Articles.
  • Do not Vandalize the Admins, and Staff's Talk Pages and Profile.
  • Off-Topic is ok.
  • Express your thoughts about this without hesitation.
  • Rash behavior outside this blog is not my responsibility.


Last week I am already forming a Coalition to call out the attention of the majority of the Administrators. Below I will be mentioning the reason and objectives of this Coalition Rally.


(All Coalition members, Message me on My Talk Page if you want your name to be listed on this Blog.)


(These Reasons are from other members of the Coalition and not by yours truly)' '.

  • Slow Paced Voting of the Administrators for all the Staff positions of all pending Candidatures.
  • Absence of majority of the Administrators without notifications to users or a specific time table of activities.
  • Same Old Policies


(Please take this seriously)

  • Conduct a Peaceful Protest for Change.
  • Installation and Immediate creation of a new Administrator.
  • Urge Proper Notification by either using the hiatus stub or a "not available" notice in the profile or talk page of all Admins and Staff.
  • Put all policies together in one page. Plus, additional policies or rules that applies to all users with clarity.
  • Urge Frequent Attendance of all Administrators.

Suggestion for Admins

To Address the Privacy Issue on this blog, I came up with this solution:

(Found the following from deftnotes and BanishU)

Its ok mama "We lost a good man."
This user has left the Wiki.


This user isn't" available at the moment!
Please leave a message on his talk page and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.

- I hope this would solve the Issue.

Review on Admins

I am good at reviews as sone people say, but this time I'll review our Admins' according from my own observation:

  • Mistertrouble - Excellent Performance.
  • Axel - Please exercise your Beaurocrat status very well, You are sought as the wisest and great editor and you are kind of wasting it as mentioned by other users please redeem yourself.
  • BanishU - You are number one not just in the Top 15 Contributors List but by the quality you give. I understand you are kinda diminished in editing but please be present whenever we need you.
  • As for the remaining Admins - Hi!

My Personal View

I've been in this Wiki and I know I've proven nothing great than what they did and endured for years. Let me remind these people that they are Admins and with it comes with great responsibility. I have been in this Wiki and contributed a lot of fairly good edits Yet I have time to earn money and pass my studies with flying colors. I don't somehow get this people for not showing up frequently than I ( a non-admin ) can do. That's why I want them to Please provide a valid excuse for this. I'm not bashing them or anything, I'm just telling the truth. I urge the Administrators to review and reflect on this and my door will always be open for you. Have a great day!.


(I urge everyone to Vote)

Poll 1

Are you contented with this Wiki's Admins work so far?

The poll was created at 15:47 on October 22, 2013, and so far 69 people voted.

Poll 2

Do you want another Active User to become Admin for this Wiki

The poll was created at 15:47 on October 22, 2013, and so far 77 people voted.


Thank you all for joining this noble cause for our beloved wiki. I hope the authorities will tend to this call with sincerity and wisdom. My future will be uncertain in this field, so I will be Thanking all of you for your time.

This is WalkerMaimer and have a great day!

I Urge all Coalition members to leave their comments down below ,Anything you want to say but please follow the rules I've mentioned. The floor is all yours guys.