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WalkerMaimer goin' Chewbacca on the TV Series

Salutations Wikians,

This would probably be one of my blogs who wants to piss people off since I did that Change-thingy blog last year. The following points that I will say below are things that I really want to spit out. Note also that my favorite medium is the show, Despite of that I also have a few disappointments and rants. This might be one of those times when I am asleep then thought of a blog topic, woke up, type, and publish it.

So shall we take the plunger? I mean, plunge?

I Stretch the Rubber band called "Story lines"

The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV because of it's commendable Story lines......BUT speaking of story lines lemme bitch on this one first. S01's premise was astounding overall though I still believe that the Vatos episode should not have been done. S02's is decent IMHO but the whole Randall Arc is too dragged and pointless in the end. The second half of S03 is totally stretched and a piece of bullshit honestly from running away from The Governor and be captured again and seal the fate of my favorite character, and that episode where two leaders be "plastic" and drink whiskey. nothing came out really good despite the presence of two classic TWD episodes (TSL and Clear) and here comes the hard part....Season 4B, Maggie and Glenn's pointless quest for love where nothing really came out from both characters not even a development. An episode called "Still" which is a mixture of Amy Pond's legs and every episode of "Glee", an episode where characters can pull the middle finger up but cannot say what that finger truly wants to say and an episode specifically done for a character who has been singing for three seasons now but eventually turned out for her redneck companion. LET'S DRINK EVERYBODY! Moving on, and lastly a cliff hanger which isn't really a cliff hanger because with matching nostalgic flashbacks. Nuff said.

AMC should really start ordering seasons with about 10 episodes instead of 16. Guess we shall find out on Season 6.


I'll have to make this short and a bit mellow for you guys especially his fans.

I liked Daryl in Season 01 being this lone wolf full of angst but got a somewhat softer character inside type. This eventually led me to invest my interest on this character and see how his character would go more especially on Merle's well-being. However, despite that Season 02 gave him more avenue for development, The third season literally butchered him by becoming this "zombie killing machine" giving out crappy dialogues and that "Baby Ass Kicker" joke is a complete bull and not funny AT ALL. (we all don't have the same tongue to taste these type of thangs)

Even though the whole Claimers stay did give him a notch of a development. You can't erase this thought of mine that what Daryl basically do is throw his hand or point a finger on somebody (literally) when angered, sit, prepare his crossbow, shoot, run, stab, throw grenades, say something, make girls fap, and bring AMC loads of KA-CHING!

You can't also erase the fact that they first killed a wonderful character first named Merle, I am bitter on that. Though Merle's death is decent enough....you guys get my point here. And as long as Derle lives, the tag lines: HUNT or Be HUNTED, WHO WILL SURVIVE?, NOBODY IS SAFE is pure shit that needs to be flushed.

Sadly, The Death of Daryl would seemingly reach the finale as killing him now would be an insult to his "zombie lawn mowing" and Hitman Skill (GTA reference there) as AMC seems to have no interest to assassinate him and most of the writers have become impotent in creating, casting, and grooming a new original character with sense. Killing him earlier would be shock and in that event I will give a standing ovation to that writer and create a temple for him/her with a golden toilet seat with the ridiculous walker ears from Season 02.

Too bad Norman didn't get a dog but instead got a turtle named Anthony tho.

I've said my piece. I thank you. (bows)

I bought a Pointless Pen!

Maimer loves bitching on writing character developments though he is not that good at writing one. (LOL that whining baboon) Anyways, Some of you may think that Derle should fall under this but NOPE. He is a separate entity for this. So, Characters are often on the spot when they are introduced and the expectations for them is quite high as skeptics would like to see how far their development would go. Glenn is a sheer example of an outright development that went wrong afterwards. Season 01 Glenn is such a comic relief and I seriously adored the guy throughout and it continues until the rest of season 02 with the exception of "Beside the Dying Fire" that marks the sudden death of this adorable asian that eventually turns into a sexually driven teenager with anger management issues. (Liked that movie tho)

Next would be Beth, If you are gonna develop characters while the number of cast is small you better do it quickly or they'll loose the spotlight. Season 02 Beth is decent in Part B then there came season 3 (told ya they should have done it last season).....I know the entire season should not revolve around Beth but at least make her character have more significance to exist, Season 03 Beth failed to give me that. All she did there is give "ah ok" one liners, sing, lure, run, fire a gun to break a fight, hide in the forest, carry and pass a rifle, and other stuff that a typical Woodburian folk would do. (Taking care of baby is an exemption tho) In my opinion, Beth doesn't really give hope, nuff said. Though Season 04 sure gave Beth some tidbits of story and development I certainly feel it is a bit too late.

Glenn and Beth are just an example of the many characters in the show that took a toll on the writers desire to take matters to the worst case or failed scenarios and develop characters who are just pointless now because it is very late or characters have been developed. I leave the rest of the characters to be mentioned by you peeps!


Any violent reactions? Too trivial? Forgot some points? Just comment down below and remember to practice a healthy and civilized discussion.

Also, about your season 2 review for the show, would be published late. It will be published on Sunday PST because I have to prioritize my exams for the finals (cuz' college). Don't worry though because It's gonna be released back to back with the season 3 review and a few days afterwards would be S04B review followed by the review for the fifth season premiere the next day. So basically, I am busy for their two to three weeks!

Anyways, This has been WalkerMaimer sending his deepest gratitude for reading his review and telling you to have a great day!

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