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"Vince's Playlist"
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From the Maimer


Hey Guys, sorry I've not been in service in the past few days because I was in the Mountainous parts of the Philippines to conduct a Medical Mission but before our caravan leaves again for another community tomorrow I'll take this Oppurtunity for another Voting type of Blog.

Are you Ready?

Ok, Let's Go!!!

Vince's Fave Song

There are songs being featured in TWD TV either in the trailer or in the main show itself. So I've set up a poll so that you can choose on what song you like the most. 

Mine is this song:

"Black" by Kimmel

- The song really wants me to imagine a world facing the alternate TG in a dueling match.


I Chose Two of the Poipular songs by Season so Vote WISELY =D

Which one is your fave TWD Song

The poll was created at 13:19 on October 8, 2013, and so far 25 people voted.


I am closing this Blog with gratitude for spending your time for reading and voting . Please do not hesitate to leave your comment and you have my assurance that it will be respected.

This is WalkerMaimer telling you have a Great day!!!