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Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas (A Rewrite Blog)
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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my blog about "T-Dog".

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Who is Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas


Nothing much is known about him but during the onset of the outbreak, Theodore Douglas also known as "T-Dog" rescued survivors from his church towards the refugee centers, Glenn implied that T-Dog is a religious person. He was then able to found a group of survivors from Atlanta and settled near the quarry located in the outskirts of the city. He participated in a supply run in Atlanta with some of the survivors where he met Rick, the person who saves them.

After the fatal attack in their camp by walkers, He and the remainder of his group chose to head to the CDC in Atlanta. Unfortunately, The CDC isn't safe as well and then went to self destruct. They later find a farm, where in the end got overrun by walkers. Forcing them to live like Nomadic rats for about a few months. Their answer in finding a safe haven was answered in the form of a Prison.
They thought everything is ok after clearing a few parts of it and dealt with the hostile prisoners, Tomas, and Andrew. Sadly, T-Dog was bit by a walker after closing a gate that separates two courtyards and sacrificed himself by feeding himself to the walkers so that Carol could escape.

I like

T-Dog is a good hearted fella and the type of guy you wanna be with as your partner in the harsh environment of the Apocalypse, He may not be in my Favorites list, I still think T-Dog as one of the best Original TV Character (far better than Daryl anyway), I do still think that T-Dog's death isn't worthy for him yet shocking.

I dislike

Like I said earlier, T-Dog's death in "Killer Within" is just shocking and kind of the typical "I'll kill you in a wasted manner". He should've more screen time and Importance other than an incoming Rick puppet and might as well venture a relationship with a survivor and have an honorable death. Alas, I fail to see these.

The Fate of T-Dog

This "rewrite" does not intertwine with what I wrote about the characters on my previous blogs. Don't bash me T-Dog fans if I have not met your expectations. I'll be rewriting T-Dog in the "Killer Within" episode where he died without achieving anything and be replaced by another black guy who also died being replaced by another one. I want to give T-Dog a much more honorable death.

Season 3

"Killer Within"

T-Dog survives the walker attack at the Prison, He was saved by Glenn and Axel as he is being cornered by walkers. He later mentions that he and Carol got separated from each other and does not know wether if she is still alive. He is later seen with the group in the Prison courtyard as Rick breaks down after learning what happened to Lori.

"Say the Word"

He stays at the Prison and helps Glenn to clear the courtyard while Axel and Oscar are digging "graves" . The two argued on keeping the two remaining prisoners but T-DOG made some very good points making Glenn leave the subject and accepts the two. He is seen with the group laughing after Daryl calls Lori's newborn child "Lil' Ass Kicker".


He does not appear in this episode, Glenn told Rick that he is clearing the tombs. Glenn then tells Rick that he and Maggie will go on a run.

"When the Dead Comes Knocking"

He is then reunited and becomes teary eyed after seeng that Carol survived after all. He later attempts to talk to Michonne as soon as Hershel was able to treat her wounds but then failed since the newcomer isn't really sure wether she is safe. The group then decides on who would come to rescue Glenn and Maggie from the "evil tyrant" Michonne mentioned, Rick asks T-DOG but then declines.

"Made to Suffer"

He hears a group of people yelling in the tombs which he finds weird since all of them are in the same cell block. Carl hears it as well so the two agrees that they should check it out. Both sees a group of survivors, led by Tyreese, fending themselves from a group of walkers in the boiler room. He rescues Sasha from a walker that is about to bite her. Carl led them back to where Cell Block C and the other survivors is.

"The Suicide King"

Later seen in the prison having a "comfortable" talk with Sasha while they wait for Rick to return from their mission. He was then baffled by Rick's sudden change of behavior and banishes Tyreese and his group out of the Prison.


He is seen playing Basketball with Axel for recreational and expresses his dismay on Daryl's departure and Oscar's death. Both decided to quit playing and T-DOG went inside the Cell Block to change his clothes. He was later alarmed when he heard a gunshot, he looks back and sees Axel on the ground and Carol using the corpse as a shield from the bullets made by TG's men. He was about to jump in and save Carol but he remembers Judith being unattended.

"I Ain't A Judas"

Andrea goes to the Prison and was brought inside the Cell Block. He keeps on distancing himself from Andrea and gives her disgusted looks of what she has became, Both did not interact much as T-DOG chose to do guard duty instead.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

T-Dog joins Rick, Hershel, and Daryl to meet The Governor. He then sees Andrea alone after being kicked out in the meeting. T approaches her and expressed his dismay of her staying in Woodbury. Before they part ways, He gave Andrea a sad look on his face.

"This Sorrowful Life"

T-Dog helps Michonne and the others set up the barbed wire trap just in case The Governor attack. He later finds Merle alone, T expresses his regret in letting him trapped in rooftop (though an accident) that caused to the amputation of his arm, Merle then looks at him and forgives him reminding him that he noticed the chain on the door that kept the walkers away from him. He was later seen with the other members of the group gathered by Rick for a meeting.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

He is seen sniping some woodbury soldiers and was almost able to kill The Governor the latter strikes back by throwing a grenade on him wounding him on his arm. After the retreat, T-DOG stays behind just in case everything becomes bad. The next day, Rick arrives with a group of newcomers from Woodbury, He was seen assisting the old people and children and opens the door to the Cell Block.

Season 04

"30 Days Without An Accident"

T-Dog is seen clearing the fences along with Karen and a few survivors. Karen jokes on how he declined the offer of being a council member, he explains that a person does not need power to serve his fellow man. He later waves at Sasha as she departs to fetch some supplies in the Big Spot confirming that the two are in a relationship.


He was seen having breakfast in the morning with Carol outside of Cell Block C, both then hears the gunshots in D Block. He did not follow the responding survivors as he thinks that it is better to stay on alert in Cell Block C and would be able to save the folks just in case Rick and the others fail.


After learning about the charred bodies of Karen and David, Theodore tries to talk to Tyreese but he keeps on eluding not just him but all the survivors. As soon as he left for the medical supplies with Bob, Daryl, and Michonne. T-Dog visits Sasha in A Block to check on her and both expresses their love towards each other despite the glass window between them.


Rick tells T-Dog that Karen and David was killed by Carol after contracting the deadly flu that plagued the prison cells. He is then seen helping Rick load his vehicle and promises that he'll keep the uninfected survivors safe.


Maggie and T-Dog continues to clear the vulnerable fences of the Prison from the walkers, He is then seen helping Rick and Maggie fortify the fences and later on helps Rick and Carl shoot the walkers that have broken through. The next day, T visits Sasha, who was able to recuperate from The Flu, and thanked Bob for making it in time.

"Too Far Gone"

He witnesses Hershel getting killed by The Governor. Instead of joining the firefight he chose to prioritize the recuperating survivors of the flu and leads them towards the bus. He sees Maggie assisting Glenn and Julio being shot. As soon as Glenn made it on the bus, Maggie went off the bus to find Beth with T-Dog providing her cover. He then sees a wounded survivor, whose leg was pinned by debris. He dug through the rubble and carried her towards the bus. Unfortunately, T-Dog was shot in the head forcing the bus to take off without Maggie and the others.


Here is my message to the person who gave life to Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas, Mr. IronE Singleton.

I Salute you! (No Gangsta Shit there)

Up Next

The next rewrite blog will be the finale and it is about.....Axel!


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