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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my blog about "Milton Mamet"

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Who is Milton?

Milton b&w

Milton Mamet is the only child in his family and was orphaned in a young age, this could be a reason why he is a loner and never had a relationship with someone. In his days in the apocalypse he met a man in the name of Philip Blake, who became known as "The Governor".

Milton became the scientist of the town called Woodbury, It is also possible that he once worked or studied in some field of science , a proof of this would be his ability to perform experiments on walkers. With this he was given a research facility for him to conduct his "Breakthrough" projects.

Andrea Dies Milton Wins

Milton died at the very hands of his close friend after he threatened to kill him in order for Andrea to escape Woodbury. Unfortunately, Milton died and reanimated infecting Andrea before escaping.

Milton Mamet is portrayed by Dallas Roberts.

I like

I like Milton Mamet for reasons that we share almost the same traits, We are both Physically inept but strong when it comes to intelligence, I love taking notes, having a keen interest in any brach of science and we even wear the same type of clothing.

Other than that he is an original character, There is a couple of things why I Idolize Milton Mamet and put him in a high pedestal because he is this type of survivor that you don't see everyday, he is not that charismatic guy who can rule the world and tell everyone "We are safe and hide here", and the type of survivor that waves at you and screams "Ehmeged Daryl, sign on my infected hand." (Red-Shirts), For Short, Milton is just a character in between, and I love characters like that. Another one would be is that he is kind hearted......Yes, I know that in the times where the undead are stalking the living the word kindness should not always apply, but isn't that word also a part of what makes us Human, and to that it is commendable because Milton was able to retain it.

I dislike

Extremely Loyal, to some it's not bad but for Milton, It's a definite "Yes", His extreme loyalty to people specifically with Philip is a disadvantage, because of this the cost was his life. An example of this was in "I Ain't a Judas", where Milton told TG that Andrea wants to go to the prison with him to cover it up.

Andrea and Milton

Milton Andrea P

If these two survived, I would definitely like to see this two sleeping in one bed and having a relationship. At first, you can see the two a bit awkward with each other but as the season comes along they are forming a friendship until viewers can feel a certain spark coming in, but Alas, both died.

The Fate of Milton

Season 3 Woodbury

Season 03


I would want him to escape Woodbury with Andrea, Milton was the one in the Grantville Mill to give Andrea time to make it to the Prison, this would showcase the bad assery of Milton and that he can beat the crap out of The Governor, Ok fast forward, the prison was already on his sights and saw Andrea in the fields waving her hand trying to grab Rick's attention in the guard tower. Suddenly, TG ambushes Andrea, Milton runs to save her but was grazed by TG's bullet in the head, this catches Rick's attention and shoots Philip in the right arm freeing Andrea, who stabbed him in his crotch. TG retreated back to Woodbury, while the two people close to him are in the Prison.

"This Sorrowful Life"

Wounds being treated by Hershel.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Seen with Carl, Beth, Hershel, and Judith in the woods recuperating from his injuries, Welcomes Tyreese and the Woodburians in the Prison.

Season 4

Prison 408

He becomes a Series Regular

"30 Days without an Accident"

A member of the council, chooses Patrick as his apprentice and collaborates with Dr.S and Hershel. and is in a relationship with Andrea.


Asks Rick why Patrick is late for their activity, helps Michonne from being attacked. Stayed in Cell Block C with the rest of the uninfected survivors.


Tasked to look after the kids in the Administrative offices of the Prison and sees to it that the infection doesn't spread.


Helps Maggie clear the fences, though forced and feeling disgusted. Enters Cell Block A to assist Hershel after the arrival of Michonne and co.

"Too Far Gone"

Sees The Governor again and was pained to see Hershel died at the hands of his friend he immediately led the refugees load in the bus as the firefight began. A blade like chunk of metal amputates his left leg after the tank blasted the entrance of Cell Block C. He was assisted by a couple of Red-Shirts into the Prison bus and escapes later on.

"Part B"

He survived his injury and now using crutches, Now this would be a perfect opportunity to introduce the hunters and do the "Tainted meat". He dies and Andrea shoots him to prevent reanimation.

And from that Milton dies in my own creative way and I think it's a bit better than........Mazarra.


Here is my message to the person who gave life to Milton, Dallas Roberts.

I know the chance of you reading this is incredibly slim, but I do appreciate and like the best acting you can give to our dear Tea Maker, You've made him a like-able character to be with, though just for a few episodes, You've made Milton one of the best Original Characters that TWD ever had.

Up Next

Up Next will be a shorter blog of this about....Julio.


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