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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my blog about "Merle Dixon".

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

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Who is Merle Dixon?


Merle is one of the original characters of The Walking Dead. He is the older brother of Daryl Dixon, Merle was abandoned cuffed in a rooftop back in Atlanta (which led to the amputation of his right hand) since then he was never seen until the Woodbury incident where he is reunited with his younger brother.

Sorrow Z Merle

He rejoins with his former group back in the prison, where he finds hard to bond with the survivors because of the "dirty work" he inflicted on Glenn and Maggie. He died at the hands of his former boss. He is later found by his brother, who killed him after re-animation.

I like

Merle is a true bad-ass in my opinion than our dear Darlyna, His Physique, and characteristics suits his role.......in Season 01. Though I have no problem when his mouth goes Steyr AUG1 because this is The Walking Dead if you can't handle his vulgar and racist mouth then what more if Negan appears with his "fuckity fuck fuckers".

I dislike

There are two things I dislike about Merle, Season 03 bad writing (except for TSL) and His Survival Instinct form, whereas he is a migrating addict that you can't experience as a playable character!

Another thing is the loyalty to his brother, though I am not satisfied with how this bond was explored throughout the Mazarra regime where at some points it's "exaggerating" and "over reacting" at times.

The Fate of Merle

This "rewrite" does not intertwine with what I wrote about the characters on my previous blogs. This rewrite is possibly the hardest because of the pressure as Merle being a like able character and as much as possible avoiding complications. I shall be halting this rewrite in TSL since I find what Gimple wrote satisfying.

Season 3 (Part A)

"Walk with Me"

As opposed from the original, Merle does not appear in this episode. Instead, Martinez is Philip's second in command.

"Killer Within"

Merle appears at the end of the episode as he exits a car and enters in an abandoned house for supplies near a daycare center ( Merle's face is revealed after his prosthetic bladed arm is shown and before the credits starts to roll)

"Say the Word"

Merle hears a motorcycle and sees it parking in the nearby daycare center, He only sees Maggie as a tree is blocking the view on Daryl. He intended to steal the motor bike from them until he realizes that it's familiar, he enters the daycare center and is reunited with his brother. The trio then returns to the prison after a sibling confrontation between the two.


Glenn informs that Maggie was taken hostage by a few armed men of a town called Woodbury during their supply run. Rick, Merle, Daryl, and Glenn (though beaten up) volunteers to go and negotiate with their leader.

"When the Dead Comes Knocking"

The group finds a flu stricken Andrea and Michonne in the woods. Rick "orders" Daryl to take the two back home. Andrea pleads to Michonne to "let go" and accompany Rick to save Maggie.

The group crosses path with a scavenging team (Glenn recognizes one of them) from Woodbury and demands to talk to their leader.

The team enters Woodbury and talks with The Governor. Merle, Glenn, and Rick was brought to the arena for a "tour" around town. while Michonne was raped.

"Made to Suffer"

The Governor orders Martinez to organize an event in the arena with their "visitors" as players, The two then had sex before Caesar was dismissed and The Governor proceeds to rape Michonne again.

In the arena, Merle wins his fight after killing Tim.

Rick kills the guard beside him and shoots at some random guards causing a ruckus.

"The Suicide King"

Haley discovers the "secret room" and releases Michonne's bounds. Michonne finds and eventually duels with The Governor (ends up the same as the Comics but in a different place).

Milton along with Dr. Stevens, Haley, and Rowan frees Maggie they found Glenn and Rick escaping the arena and leaves Woodbury.

After the duel, Michonne is in the woods weak and naked. Merle, who distracted the guards from the fleeing Rick and co. sees Michonne and assisted her back to the prison.


Merle is seen talking with Michonne and is seen to have bonded well after the Woodbury incident.

Rick accepts Tyreese and his group after helping them fight off a group of armed men from Woodbury (Allen, and Beth was killed in the process). Merle is seen firing his rifle and kills Shumpert during the attack.

"I Ain't a Judas"

Merle tells Rick that Rowan is acting strange. He later finds out that She is the "Judas" among them and kills her.


Merle does not appear in this episode.

"Arrow on the Doorpost"

Merle confronts Daryl for going to Woodbury on his own to retaliate. Daryl tells everyone that The Governor is alive and prepares his men to attack the prison.

The Governor finds Rowan's corpse.


Everyone at the prison felt the pressure of The Governor's men. Glenn, Maggie, Andrea, Milton, Carol, and Ben left the prison to avoid combat.

The episode ends with Merle and Michonne stalking at Philip's camp the night before the attack.

"This Sorrowful Life"

Michonne and Merle attacks the camp but ended up into a failure. Michonne flees into the woods. Merle was captured and killed by The Governor.

"Welcome to the Tombs"

Merle's head was used to demoralize Rick's group. The assault still commenced claiming the lives of all the woodburians, Axel, Sasha, Judith, and Haley.

Michonne is seen killing the reanimated head of Merle.

(Note: Every episode includes his non stop blabbering mouth and racist monickers towards the other survivors)


Here is my message to the person who gave life to Merle Dixon, Mr. Michael Rooker:

Rock on!

Up Next

Up Next will be a shorter blog of this about.....T-Dog
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