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The Best Original Characters the Show Introduced so Far (01)

Salutations Wikians!

I am back to give you this rather short blog about the show's best original characters that they have ever introduced so far. Note that I am still gonna review the second season of the show but it would released next week as scheduled. Also, All Daryl and Beth fans should be disappointed because THEY are not here but you can do write up of them with of course, justification.

So, Hajime!


Ok, I admit that besides from Milton, Sasha would be one of the best things the third season of the show could bring. Even at her very first appearance I must say that she easily captivated by interest and attention. I see her more of a cunning, smart, and un wavered person that you may want to be with during the apocalypse. Though that cunningness of hers may be alarming and could put her towards the cemetery or just a random hole in the forest or just there in the road covered in newspapers.


My interest for her grows deeper when season four came where we see her character to go more in depth notably in "Internment" and "Alone" and her development grows notch by notch (given that there are too many folks on the show for a 40-60 min screen time). This October we see more of Sasha and her lines being thrown though it is just mainly shouting and simple it still looks promising. I am definitely keeping my eye on this character. ShaBob could be a perfect name for their love team tho.

Merle Dixon

Badass? Redneck? Got Character and Development? Yes guys, It's our one and only racist pal, Merle Dixon!

I love this mang since the very beginning. His racist remarks is absolutely offensive but I still like him because of his versatility meaning he is combat ready and adept, and has a deeper character behind that masculine physique. I really love the idea that he is a bit of a "family man" always wanna see that his brother is ok like a real brother should, I'm not saying that Derle isn't like that (with all in fairness that's why I "liked" him four seasons ago)

Merle zombie 3x15

All of his dialogues are satisfying and entertaining and the writing of his character is well done especially in the third season where Merle is given more screen time and an avenue for development. We get to see more of him personally without affecting his skills as a combatant. (That's what I call a balanced writing) Sadly, He died in "This Sorrowful Life", At first I want to kill Scott Gimple but in the long run I realized that it really has to happen.

Milton Mamet

Totally love this guy, My favorite character of all time!

Milton is probably (so far) one of the best things that former show runner Glen Mazzara did and the show have ever produced. Throughout the third season we get to see more of his character and though he is unlike the others who is more physically and combat adept, Milton showed what we viewers want for a character with substance. He evolved from this guy who is in denial science dude into an enlightened man who now sees the truth and needs to stop all of what is wrong. It cost him his life but upon dying he did make some decent final words.

People likes to criticize Milty for being a stereotype at some of his appearance and mostly for his extreme loyalty to The Governor though he knows that the man he knew before isn't the same and is out there to keep Woodbury intact and would do EVERYTHING even if there is a need to kill. I can't blame him for being ûberly loyal, he is such a best friend! And that relationship with Andrea could've gone to the next level. But (shrugs) he died.

Philip Miltonmoment

Milton could've survived until the fourth season to further explore his character and dynamics with other characters like Hershel Greene and be killed by The Governor, Hershel Greene style (Comic Ver.) that could've made his stay in the series with more significance or purpose.


This is going to be short since Jacqui appeared for a few episodes. Now, When she was first introduced in the episode "Guts", I immediately told myself that Jacqui from there on would be one of the best original characters they ever had! Frank Darabont sure did a right call introducing her. I always see Jacqui as a tough mother figure who is always caring but is ready to protect those in jeopardy.


Her suicide in "TS-19" is somewhat sad and moving. Regardless, We can't blame Jacqui. Though she only appeared in a few episodes, The actress portraying her did a good job justifying her character. Kudos!


If there is a character that could've surpassed The Governor if given enough time, that could be Joe. His character is like this principle driven and disciplined man but goes psycho once you cross him badly. The actor did a great contribution in giving this antagonist life.

Rick bites Joe 4x16

He is so creeeeepy, I like his character and his death perplexed me not because it came from the comic but because it is hawt! Joe is one of my favorite characters and one of the best things Gimp brought since he held power.


T - DOG? I apologize but I don't feel like adding hem here but I am still thinking of adding him maybe around next year after the fifth season. Again, If you find some things that I have missed please do share them with the community. We gladly appreciate and encourage everyone to throw in their thoughts or opinions!

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