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The Art War by: Sun Tzu

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- Since Yesterday, I've seen requests to become an Admin or a Staff Member,

and I must say some of you are perfect for the fields they want to be

recognized, BUT some are not and just showing plain Arrogance. So I was thinking

of Ways on how to Contribute more for our Aspiring Leaders and this book caught

my Attention: The Art of War.

The Art of War is a Chinese book that is often used for Wars, but my former

teacher told me that 'This Book isn't just about applying Tactics in war but

It's also about applying it in real life.'

Chapter 1: Estimates


  • Politics means the thing which causes he people to be in harmony with their ruler so that they will follow him in disregard of their lives and without fear of any danger.
  • Weather signifies night and day, cold and heat, fine days and rain, and change of seasons.
  • Terrain means distances, and refers to whether the ground is traversed with ease or difficulty and to whether it is open or constricted, and influences your chances of life or death.
  • The commander stands for the general's qualities of wisdom, sincerity, benevolence, courage, and strictness.
  • Doctrine is to be understood as the organization of the army, the gradations of rank among the officers, the regulations of supply routes, and the provision of military materials to the army.

(I don't want to post my Interpretations here because I believe that your answers should be on your own way of thinking or Perspective. And does not have to come from someone else. Trust me, these Five Fundamental Factors will help you not just in this wiki but in real life.I also Suggest that you read the The Art of War by Sun Tzu)

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