08-14-13 (Philippine Time)

Blog Entry #2

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I've watched the Walking Dead Comics Issue 113 a few minutes ago and in my

Reaction: Awesome !!!

For me the Andrea killing Connor and the usual you kneel, swing the bat, and

kill you part isn't really the one that made the Issue Interesting ( probably

because I never really paid attention to Negan because he's a bat swinger psycho.

with the exception for this one, thinking his ass would be whooped by the

Alliance ). Anyways, this is what made me realize how Peculiar Negan is:

- It's Negan with the F****s again and this time in rage calling for the

surrender of Carl after the latter shot Negan's precious bat ( Lucille ). He

also told Rick he wanted to rub his d*** on Lucille because of the " trials "

they've faced ( which is weird, having the thought of him doing that to a barbed

wire bat is extremely peculiar )

And that's it! The Issue ended with Andrea's face covered with blood and Connor

crashed from the tower. So, Andrea Lives with a message " we don't die ".

It's Time for our Opinions and Reactions for this Issue. Don't hesitate to

express your sympathies, regards, whatsoever. Your Opinions will help me Improve

the next blogpost I'll make in the future.

- Walker Maimer A151301