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"Seven Television TWD Wonders (Part 1)"
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Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my blog.

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The Wonders

Daryl Dixon

Let's be fair his very huge fan base will complain but still I stand that he is unrealistic and needs to die this season. Nuff said.

Placeholder other
 Fun Facts: UGH!

Carol's "lesbian" hair

Over a year now and she still got that hair, Carol was often mistaken as a lesbo and even Flirty Axel thought of it as well. After revealing that she isn't a person belonging in the third sex our dear prison guy says that it's interesting to which she replies it isn't.

Season two carol peletier
  Fun Facts: This is interesting.

Hershel's Stump

Amputated by Rick to save his life, Hershel's stump is one of the famous stumps in TWD Stump history. Only one character have expressed his interest in seeing or touching it :(

I can now call that McLeod died due to much pressure his stump caused. ;)

Hershel stump massage
 Fun Facts: You can now touch his stump Milty :(

Stuff & Thangs

For four seasons now we've heard dozens of stuff and thangs for Rick, How many more can we bear?!

 Fun Facts: NoThang

Merle's Arm!

Metallic and bladed, Ha! Your crossbow is useless against this prosthetic arm Darlyna!

 Fun Facts: Let's Hug him......(falls to the ground; skewered by merle's blade)


Look at him, Look at his stoic eyes and that memorable "We got biters" line. And his thick lips is just a definition that the greek gods had made a huge mistake. LOL

 Fun Facts: Look him in the eyes for an hour.


Revealing her boobies for three seasons now, Maggie is TV's Comic Andrea. Sexy, Beautiful, Daring, and Erotic.....It's a user's dream to take a dose of the Maggie Serum and see her hills flap. Glenn you are one hell of a lucky guy.

Lauren Cohan sexy maxim 4
 Fun Facts: Hottest body of all TV Characters.

(Do not take the fun facts too seriously.)


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