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"Seven TWD Wonders (All Mediums, Part 01)"

From the Maimer



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The Wonders


Yes folks, I would not mention the identity of who is the owner of these veins....but It did landed on our seventh spot. Well, these veins are kinda outta world because it is shocking that this TV character has it while the comic counterpart doesn't, who is a natural beauty. And yes I know that the photo below is a freaking dog (sorry Cam) but believe me when you click/tap on the image and see the file name you'll know who the character is and when you look for it on every episode this TV character made an appearance.....YOU WILL FUCKING SEE IT, DON'T SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU!

Better Andrea

 Fun Facts: It Isn't LORI GRIMES you guys.


He got reckless! Yes folks our dear Shumpert is back to give us our second dose of magic shumpy! I mean look at him again his Woodbury patriotism pose matched with his stoic eyes. Everyone would've loved to see more of Shumpert and his a bit eccentric moments. We miss you Shumpert you were a great man! (U.N flag waves.)


 Fun Facts: You'll definitely need a bag of popcorn looking at this image.

Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Mere words cannot explain why it's Paul, I'm speechless. Nuff said. Btw, he and Omid looks perfectly combined......HAIL OMESUS!


 Fun Fact: He is a damn awesome being.

The Banquet

Do you guys love eating some meat loaf seasoned by various delicious spices? Come and taste........MARK?! (Vomits) AWWWWWW! Molly got replaced despite the fact that she is second on the first Seven VG Wonders. But C'mon guys look at Mark........He looks GOOOOOOD! YUM!

The Banquet

 Fun Facts: Let's sing: I'm eating DING A LING I am eating.....
 ......Mark's very own DING A LING? (PWE!)

The Black Stache

Note: Basically the same thing (A lame excuse for my midnight laziness) , just copy pasted it btw.

Don't you dare say the stache isn't awesome HOW DARE YA?!. He may have been a bit emotionally unstable for at least three to four episodes but look at that maintained mustache. I wonder how Katjaa is feeling about this stache's exploration towards the depths of her magic black forest. Only our resident stache expert can answer that.

The Black Stache

 Fun Facts: Stache shampoo, Coming to stores far from you. 

Hot body

You sexy little fairy....C'mon and give your pappy sum luuuurve. Andrea is definitely the right girl to be wind when it comes to sniping walkers or sniping ovaries using Rick's "manly proof". Andrea this Wiki salutes you! Please knock at my door the next time you enter? Hehe.

Andrea body sexy

 Fun Facts: We need a boobies bounce off! Cam organize it!

Maggie Greene

Note: The image shown below is Lauren Cohan and not Maggie Greene as stated in the title.....but c'mon it can't be helped since Cohan portrays Maggie.

Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap Fap.....Look at that image of her intimidating motherfucking hawt image. OK, let's tone down the malicious ideas before our dear Lauren Cohan thinks that we are all primal rapists just in case she reads this piece of gem. As a Maggie Greene fan I'd like to dedicate this part admiring her beauty and her accent (both counts on the character and the actor), Only a few women possesses that kind of charm......but sadly not the tits. (Kate Upton won that one). Again, Glenn Rhee you are one hell of a bastard experiencing the bumpy but joyous Maggie Greene express.


 Fun Facts: Sexy as usual. Got problems?

(Do not take the fun facts too seriously.)


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