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"Seven Comics TWD Wonders"
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From the Maimer



Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is back again to give you my first peculiar blog yet.

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • I am sometimes NOT grammatically correct so pardon me.
  • Off-Topic is allowed
  • No violence within the blog (Offenders shall be reported to the Admins).
  • Have a friendly and healthy debate.
  • Do not hesitate to express your thoughts, let it all out.
  • Enjoy! =D

The Wonders

Sherry's Tits

To those of you who does not now who Sherry is....Well, SHAME ON YOU! I mean look at her nice gorgeous body and her tits. Damn, Dwight sure is lucky for being her "someone" and Negan as his concubine.

Negan Dwight Sherry tits
 Fun Facts: Sherry is a champagne. 

Rick's Stump

Loosing a hand after The Governor chopped it off during the Prison Arc, Regardless of the amputation Rick can still fight and punch the lights out of his adversaries. I wonder if he uses his stump on Lori, Jessie, and Andrea.

Rick's stump!
  Fun Facts: Uknown; Duh, it's a stump!

Eye Hole

Disgusting and controversial, Carl's eyehole made it in the seven wonders. I mean C'mon don't you wish for an infection or put your finger inside and poke his brain. Even Negan got something to say about it to which he later regrets.

Negan reaction on eyehole
 Fun Facts: Can I just say it's really disgusting.

Stache of Abe

The ladies wanted his stache because of the erotic tingling sensation it gives them. So please for christ's sake be nice to all issued posters and future action figures.

Awesome stache
 Fun Facts: A secret user fantasizes Abraham and his stache.

The Legs

Sexy nurse + Long sexy legs = Perfection. You can slide with these legs and SmutFic Rick got a pretty good taste of it. Too bad those legs were eaten by walkers, If only.........nevermind.

Alice comics legs
 Fun Facts: The Best Legs ever.

Hot body

Andrea you sharpshooting wonder. Damn, Dale and Ricky sure is lucky to have her everyday, and I'm sure that some users are craving to have a taste on the Andrea Ecstacy and ride her train express.

Andrea body sexy
 Fun Facts: Andrea is the sexiest TWD comics character.

Paul "Jesus" Monroe

Mere words cannot explain why it's Paul, I'm speechless. Nuff said.

 Fun Fact: He is a damn awesome being.

(Do not take the fun facts too seriously.)


I am Closing this blog with unending gratitude in read my blog about " Seven Comics TWD Wonders " Please do not hesitate to leave your comments down below, You have my assurance that it will be respected, This is WalkerMaimer telling you to have a Great Day and Stay Cool.

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