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Season 5 Trailer Thoughts

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Spoilers ahead so don't go apeshit on me later on....You've been warned, TWICE!

Usually I don't go with the whole trailer reviewing stuff so I am not gonna do it, instead I will just give or rather share my thoughts with regards to the trailer of the latest AMC's The Walking Dead Trailer. Also, I am suspending two of my blogs from the Observations Trilogy, The Walking Dead: Assault Review, and Season 4 Part B Review because I am itching to publish this and it is so trendy I expect that there will be another one in the coming days. Plus, this serves as my first anniversary blog here so bear with me....PLEEEASEE!

Also, Since trailers are trolls (like Season 3). I ain't going for every second I jump and I shit my pants type of blog just going for the.....integral parts of it? Blah, this frustrates me so let's go on with it.

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So it seems that things aren't going for months and months of excruciating time skips so YAAAY! (Cyclops rejoice) Okay, so I see that there will be reunions and it should make Pappy Rick happy. Last Season we've seen tensions rise and have reached to it's end and tensions that are yet to unfold. Like, The Tara-Maggie thing, What I wanna know is if Maggie would accept the truth that Tara was present during Da Guvnah's assault in the prison that resulted to the death of her father and that her "husband" knows about this. Would there be a reconciliation similar between Carol and Tyreese or would there be a hot cougars in a mud fight? Ummm the second one is preferable to be honest.

I also think that a portion in the first half of the season would be Abe's moment. I've seen him numerous times in the trailer and it looks like that we'll see more of him and probably The Euge and Rosie and to see Seth Gilliam finally appearing as Fr. Stokes. My eyes are also with how on earth Ty and Carol meets up with the group and the factors on why Bob spilled the beans out.



So Gareth and his creepy fellas seems to be going for the "I'm a creep and go eat you if you betray us while you pee." type of antagonistic approach. And yes, their way of torture and their complex organization on activities in Terminus would make us wanna think and make Rick retract that one last line in "A".

Walkers this upcoming season would be crazy....I entrust that work to Nicotero and his crew. And please don't get me started with that Dale line on that well walker two seasons back and incorporate it with the bloated and deflated walkers. I expect that walkers would go look like more decayed and old and look like they're from hell as because that's one of the show's assets.... The Walkers, that means stiff extras, thick make-up, BBQ sauced with hanging cooked red meat, and be wasted in one unrealistic headshot.

And notice how much water they've wasted to water bomb those walkers similar how Carol wasted a drum of it last season.

As for that cop lady, I abstain to write prematurely.



I noticed obviously that there will be new characters this season so seeing the trailer made me have this thought.

One problem of the show is balancing, More characters, More Locations...Imbalanced Development for all. I hope the writers wrote the eps. on a more critical and balanced way as much as possible. Give the time for Gareth to make him a real antagonist and not on a person who sticks his tongue out, and hunts every edible creature in the forests of the east coast. Give time for underdeveloped and new characters rather than officer friendly and his deputy. If the show wants to have "no characters left behind" then write them splendidly.

And also, no more rambo machine gun fanatics this season. Season 3 got a lot of it. It just consumes time....speaking of time consumption, please limit or at least make the flashbacks interesting.

Beth....Part of a System

Ok so congratulations to Beth for this part of a system thing with a new group is certainly a plot device for her to develop and us to finally appreciate that she isn't a casted red shirt but a character. I just hope that Ms. Kinney have improved her acting that definitely annoys me for acting makes a character's development significant. I hope (again) that this move for her goes well...or else I'll eat my hand.

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Other Thangs

Since when was the last time we've seen a city scape? Last Season! and it was during Michonne's crazy batshit dream or something. Anyways, I love to see post apocalyptic cities with buildings collapsed and human trash all over the place! and this season is bringing it back with "the feels" and some other edgy stuff....Just make sure that there aren't walkers drinking from water bottles. (LOL)


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