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From Darabont to Mazarra and now Gimple.

Darabont is the " Father " of The Walking Dead TV Series and gave us a whole new Television Experience where every social issues are tackled and resolved by it's characters depending on the choice they make. I'll give him a 5/5 Show runner rating.

Here are the Episodes Darabont wrote:

- Days Gone Bye

- Guts

- Tell it to the Frogs

- TS - 19

- What Lies Ahead ( w/ Robert Kirkman )

Mazarra was Darabont's Successor, He Continued Darabont's Legacy only to put it in Danger in the Second Half of Season 03. I'll give him a 3/5 Show runner rating.

Here are the Episodes Mazarra wrote:

- Bloodletting

- 18 miles Out ( w/ Scott Gimple )

- Better Angels ( w/ Evan Reily )

- Beside the Dying Fire ( w/Robert Kirkman )

- Seed

- Prey ( w/ Evan Reily )

- Welcome to the Tomb

Scott would be great for the upcoming seasons to come. He wrote the episode " This Sorrowful Life " where Merle died at the hands of Philip BUT it gave us the drama we've been looking for in the Second half of Season 03 which Mazarra failed ain the Season Finale where the Actors are the only ones doing their jobs great to the last minute ( Especially Laurie Holden as Andrea and Dallas Roberts as Milton Mamet ).

Here at the Episodes Gimple wrote:

- Save the Last One

- Pretty Much Dead Already

- 18 Miles Out ( w/ Glen Mazarra )

- Hounded

- Clear

- This Sorrowful Life

With Scott Gimple hope and The Walking Dead will be saved and return this October in a much darker dramatic and heart riveting continuation of the Prison Arc.

What are your thoughts for Gimple this Season?

Who do you think would replace him if SMG fails our Expectations?