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Observations: Writers

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As you may have noticed....We have a new blog format! (YAY) Ok, In a very peculiar event. I have decided and intend to make this blog made out of my observations on the show from the first to it's recent season. Today, We are going for the Writers. Have fun and enjoy!

Thoughts in the Pasture

I will probably say about a few or less positive notes on this one but as far as I am concerned the show is "still" in good hands with these writers. Why? Not because they can write nasty and unexpected stuff like Lizzie killing Mika or Androfe getting Shane's.....shotgun shots? The reason why I still believe that the show is still in good fate not because we have a new competent show runner at the helm it's because of the writers dedication and passion, I have no idea if you can but I definitely sense it. I would definitely appreciate it if either AMC or Gimple would release the manuscript of everything they've wrote so that we can feel more the characters and actually know their perspectives.

Thoughts in the Wasteland


Ok this is going to be the part that determines wether what I have written here is purely trivial or let's be honest....BULLSHIT! Okay, without certainty let's just push through with the first thought in the negative note and that is the lack of development. Let's take this character as an example, Beth Greene. Three seasons now and her character have grown so little that even her second boyfriend in the series, Zach, is more interesting than her singing (no offense). I wouldn't go with the useless part with the "she only takes care babies" to which I am offended (if that's the right word to explain this inexplicable feeling) with as I plan to work on a neonatal ward in the future where I am gonna deal with newborn babies. What she was doing with a baby is a role in their fictional society that existed long before shit went down and yes for the first time I am defending her on this matter. Moving on with the lack of development, A big cast isn't a problem to be honest as I've seen shows which characters are big for their expense but the development is just sweet. The problem is the writer for that episode and probably a wrong call from the showrunner, Some episodes are written that gives this character the spotlight even though he/she is developed. In the case for Beth, they focused on her once in season two after making a few cameos (LOL) but the rest is just all about the others, then after a few cameos and lines she shot a gun then that's just it, note that appearing in every episode doesn't mean she is developed you silly manticore, last season I admit that she develops a little but not enough as EK's acting starts to show that it is very ineffective, annoying, and needs improvement and more characters appeared to have stood up splendidly throughout the season (like Bob, Lizzie, Tara, and Joe) more than her. The writers should start balancing character developments, More on the new ones and less with old ones so that there would be no back logs in the future like Beth's.

If you are gonna ask me now if who are the people in my list that needs developing, then here they are:

  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Tara Chambler
  • Gareth
  • Abraham Ford
  • Eugene Porter
  • Beth Greene

So as you can see Beth is on the list and notice how new the characters on my list are, Tyreese almost made it but come on Ty got the spotlight numerous times and the developments made on him is pretty considerable. Judging by how things unfold with her character, I think that she would get SOME......DEPENDING ON HOW THE WRITING WORKS but I wouldn't expect much improvement on her acting though (it sounded harsh but she really needs to fix it).

Second one would be being "Biased" on characters. This could somehow fall under the development issue so I'll just make this short. Merle got killed but his brother, Cashcow Daryl, lives (You guys could also discover that I'm a hypocrite here if you try to venture my page) The problem is that they write for characters who are just there to make the show badass with a guy that stabs walkers and walks out unscathed with little to no development and is just there to make fangirls fap. Characters who needs to be recognized even though they play a significant role are either forgotten or killed off out of the picture while "these" characters goes away or immune with it to make fans fap another day. You guys get where I'm going at. Won't fight on two fronts in this blog.

Lastly, The less useful part of this blog is the number of writers. Yes, I am going for this one as well. (May the old gods and new help me) TWD have about more than a dozen writers and that's not a bad thing to be honest but judging by how the episodes are written. It should be better if the showrunner and Kirkman (though he is just there to troll-write) write the episodes, they will have a two man conversation and think things more critically and splendidly especially for Scott Gimple who wrote episodes that are really worth watching for. And because I have no clue how things go through in their war room or people like Hurd, Alpert, and other executive producers are involved on how the show goes in terms of writing, I will now stop. See, less useful part of this blog.

I now end the negative part.

Below are my top three writers who have written the best episodes in the series so far.

1.) Scott Gimple

2.) Channing Powell

3.) Robert Kirkman


I now end my based on observation blog leaving you with optimism, Also note that this format differs with the reviews for the show coming this October. You will all see the new format for reviews shortly after I have finished my gamers' review blog and guide for The Walking Dead: Assault! I would also like to acknowledge the contributors who have uploaded the images used here on this blog and this has been WalkerMaimer bidding farewell at the moment. Thanks for reading!

If you have any suggestions or problems just send me an email at: walker.maimer1219@gmail.com

..........and yes my English still kinda sucks! :p