11-17-13 ( Philippine Time )

Blog Enrtry # 6

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" Hater Template: To be or not to be "
- WalkerMaimer, Jonin, SL, MMf, RWr

From the Maimer


Hi Guys, WalkerMaimer is here again to lay down my short blog-suggestion that is answerable by a simple Yes or a No, I'll leave a question and you'll vote using a poll, You can also leave a comment for any thoughts about it.

Here are some few things that all of you should keep in mind:

  • Off-Topic is allowed
  • No violence within the blog (Offenders shall be reported to the Admins).
  • Do not hesitate to express your thoughts, let it all out.
  • Enjoy! =D

The Question

As we all know, This Wiki allows Fan Templates but as far as I can see I have not found one regarding with the Hater Template. So here I ask......,

Do you guys want this Wiki to have a Hater Template?


Do you Guys permit for the immediate creation of Hater Templates?

The poll was created at 19:28 on November 16, 2013, and so far 39 people voted.


Say your thoughts out loud and suggest your template Idea if you want to that's all! :D

This is WalkerMaimer telling you to have a great day!