10-01-13 (Philippine Time)

Blog Entry #3

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by: WalkerMaimer

I am aware that I'm just new to this Wiki and because of that I don't have the right to complain. BUT I hope some of you will agree with me.

A few minutes ago, I was browsing the entire wiki to correct every mistakes I could find but one page caught my attention and it literally stung my eyes. It is the new color of the Presumed Dead Status. I do not agree with the existence of the status in the TV Series but to make the color so bright than it originally was made me to Address this " Simple " problem to my fellow Contributors, Staff, Admins, and the person behind this to at least change it because it might trigger something we don't want to happen.

For Example:

Our fellow Contributor with Photosensitive Epilepsy ( PSE ) suffered because of what he/she saw. Can we afford to take the blame because of this?

So I end this blog begging and to at least change it's color darker than it is right now and I wait your Responses.


SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE BLOGGER: The Issue was solved by someone According to Admin BanishU. But still, Please don't hesitate to express your thoughts regarding the matter below.

"An Anon had changed the color to a very bright pink, this was not anyone's idea, just probably vandalism...it has been changed back to the previous colors."-BanishU