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30 Days without an Accident
By: WalkerMaimer MMf,RWr



Today, I have made a Blog to share my Expectations for Season 4's first episode: "30 Days without an Accident". After you read my work you can express your Opinions in the comment Section and for the nth time your comments will be respected because it is your right.

What Happened after we Welcomed the Tombs

Before I talk about Season 4, Let's refresh our memories what happened in the Last Episode: "Welcome to the Tombs".


The Photo above was something that made TWD fans watch the Finale in hopes of seeing The Governor killed by either Daryl or the Ricktator himself. But everything went the Opposite and Disappointing way (Thanks Glen Mazzara). Instead of seeing Philip as "Walker nom noms" for the finale, It was Andrea that bit the dust after she was bitten by Milton and committed suicide after being discovered by The Prison Group. And Now, The Governor is somewhere out there with his buddies Shumpert, and Caesar waiting for another chance to kill our Heroes.

But the Episode was not "that" bad. At least, we get to see Carl become a bad ass by killing Jody and Rick coming back to his old self together with dozens of Red Shirts that will be killed before the Season ends. So, I'll rate "Welcome to the Tombs" 8/10 (I'd rather be disappointed than bored).

It's "The Gimple Magic"

After Scott M. Gimple assumed the Show runner role, I have no doubt that he'll pull Season 4 back to its feet. He wrote the critically acclaimed episode "Clear" and made fans a little emotional in "This Sorrowful Life". So, are there still doubts on Scott?.

Get your Popcorns


According to Mr. Gimple it's been 6-7 months since the events of Season 3 and it seems that everyone is living in harmony within the Prison's fences. During the trailer we can see some structural Improvements like A small farm, and some tool sheds, one houses the Generator to power the Prison's lights. We can also notice that the other Cell Blocks is habitable aside from C-Block, which the group chose to stay through Season 3. Plus, The new gate with spikes The group built after The Governor's Second Attack.

Aside from Structural changes we obviously noticed newcomers excluding the Woodbury refugees boosting The Prison Population to at least 50. And a change of leadership?. Yes, The Ricktator decided to retire and focus on his children. In lieu with that, A council was created to Oversee The Survival of the Prison and it's inhabitants.

Expectation Time

(These Expectations is only meant for "30 Days without an Accident Only)

Expectation: The Episode Itself

This Episode should be an hour or so, because this one is BIG. Plus, It's written by Gimple, and Directed by Nicotero (love both of their works). But it all comes to this: "Bring back the Season 01 feeling".

Expectation: The Prison

This Season I expect the Prison to be more of a Community rather than a Correctional Facility full of Undead Criminals and Trash of Human misery. I do not expect that the entirety of The Prison to be Walker Free because of the heavy structural damage it sustained during the onset of the Outbreak. But I do expect them to be more careful in sealing or closing the gaps.

As far as what the trailer have shown me The Prison is becoming an OK place now than before except for the guard towers, it's still functional, but Seriously, where are you gonna hide when The Governor comes back.

Expectation: The Survivors

I have nothing to say about the group's equipment. They seem to have acquired more Riot Gears and their strength when it comes to armaments have further broaden after they "presumably ransacked" Woodbury. But my main concern right now is how they use it. Are the new Survivors accurate enough to fire a gun against Walkers?.I hope they're not like Tyreese who could fire a few rounds before killing a Walker. I hope the Ricktator does firing lessons outside the fence just like what Shane did back in Season 2, and Andrea in the Comics.


Yet throughout the 6-7 months time gap, I do not expect them to get along, especially the Woodbury people, who were used to picnics and BBQ, But I do love the idea of racial diversity in the Prison (Seriously, No Filipinos?) and Children playing or interacting with each other like Carl, The Nerd guy, and the little Girl as shown in the Photo above.

Wait, Where is Beth anyway?.

Probably with this new guy, Zack. Or with another Red shirt.

Then again ask Daryl maybe she's in his lair.

Expectation: "The New Threat"

"Someone attacked the Cell Block"
- Rick Grimes

I'm not ruling out the Walker Threat and a Saboteur within the Prison because these are not "New Threats" in the TV Series. But someone dying from diabetes, Cancer, AIDS, or A new type of disease and reanimates is something to look out for.


"Mother Nature herself is actually closing in on these people."
- Robert Kirkman

I do love to see Mother Earth butting in this Season. I mean, It doesn't mean that even though we don't consume too much fossil fuels or other human resources it does not mean Mother Nature won't revenge on us. And it's Georgia Hurricanes and Tornadoes are common there. But the chances of seeing it this Episode is very slim (I'm just sharing it, Just in Case).


I am closing my blog expressing my deep gratitude for your time in reading this. (Please do not hesitate to leave your comment and your own expectation this Season).

Again, This is WalkerMaimer telling you have a Good Day!!!