Hello fellow TWD fans! I am here with my first blog of what may be a new blog series of mine about badly used characters in most TWD media such as the comics, TV Series, and Video Game! This first edition will be about TV Series Axel. Beware of spoilers for both the TV and Comic Series in this blog!

The Opening Rant

So we all know that Axel was a great character in TWD Comic Series. A lot of people liked him and I am one of those people. But then the writers of the TV Series add him in for fan favor and don't even make him a part of the story! The other prisoners affected the story but not Axel, the one prisoner in the Comic Series that everybody actually liked as a character! But what's even worse about him in the TV Series is as soon as he is getting some development and you can see him and Carol slowly getting used to each other and comminicate BOOM! Out of nowhere it's all gone, literally. Here's my message to the writers of the show on this subject: Me and a lot of other fans of the Comic Series would rather have no Axel in the TV Series rather than have him just wedged in there with no plot and hardly any development of his character! I hope the writers can turn this around and not introduce anymore characters from the Comics like this. Let's look at my two comparable lists of TV Series Axel and Comic Series Axel.

Comparison of TV Axel and Comic Axel

Comic Series Axel:

Interacted with a lot of the other characters

Had a good shocking death that woke us up as we read it for the first time

Added actual plot into the story

Wasn't just there to be there

We actually got to see how his character was throughout the long time that he was alive

Added more suspense into the story (At the beginning of his introduction we didn't know to trust him or not)

TV Series Axel:

Was only there for the fans

Did nothing to affect the plot

Hardly got any development

Was killed off right after development had started

Another lone reason he was there was just so they could shock us with his out of nowhere death scene

Didn't even really have enough character interactions accept with Carol


As you can see, Comic Series Axel was so much better than his TV Series counterpart. This was a huge mistake on the writer's part. They could have added in more Axel development but no instead they just fill it in with slow scenes and other crap! Ugh, I hope they can fix this with anotehr character at some point.


Well thatis my opinion about TV Series Axel folks, thanks for reading and tell me in the comments if you liked the blog and if I should do more of these. Please also add in what I can improve on. I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it! I will possibly see you guys laters if I do another one of these blogs! If I do, it will most likely be on a badly used character in the Comic Series. Bye!