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  • WalkerMage102

    Hello fellow TWD fans! I am here with my first blog of what may be a new blog series of mine about badly used characters in most TWD media such as the comics, TV Series, and Video Game! This first edition will be about TV Series Axel. Beware of spoilers for both the TV and Comic Series in this blog!

    So we all know that Axel was a great character in TWD Comic Series. A lot of people liked him and I am one of those people. But then the writers of the TV Series add him in for fan favor and don't even make him a part of the story! The other prisoners affected the story but not Axel, the one prisoner in the Comic Series that everybody actually liked as a character! But what's even worse about him in the TV Series is as soon as he is getting someā€¦

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  • WalkerMage102

    Hey guys, This is another blog and I want to discuss my theory with The Walking Dead Comic Series.

    Coudl the walkers eventually start evolving and become more strong, faster, and smarter? I could totally see Kirkman doing a storyline like that in the comic series in the future. Just a though, what do you guys think?

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  • WalkerMage102

    Hello people, this is just a blog regarding a question that has been gnawing at me for quite some time now.

    What episode exactly could Hershel be dying in the TV Series? I think we all know by now that he is definately going to die soon and probably not going to live passed at least Episode 8, but what episode exactly could he be dying in? ersonally I think taht he could be dying in Episode 7 or Episode 8. Episode 8 would make kind of more sense since it's the Mid-Season finale so I would suppose that there would be a character death in that episode, and the person I see dying for sure right now is Hershel.

    What do you guys think?

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